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[08.05.12] Video - Soyeon's Drama "Haeundae Lovers" Released First Teaser

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Can anyone tell me how big her role is? Is she a supporting actress?

I'm not sure about her role in here either.. i have seen her character description but couldn't understand it because it was korean.. LOL But yeah i think she is a supporting actress since she wasn't one of the 5 leads.. I'm guessing there were 5 leads since 5 characters has their solo character profile but Kim Kang Woo & Jo Yeo Jung would be the main..

hmm i am reading in soompi & Nam Gyu Ri (former CCM) & Kang Min Kyung is both lead characters (not main though) & what surprise me is Supernova Geonil would be here too?? i read his name in the cast..

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