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[12.08.05] True or not, the public will only believe what they want about T-ara's bullying situation

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i hate how medias (and some celebs) blow up this issue and take advantage from it. many of those work in entertainment industry blame kks instead of t-ara, did akp post that? no. there're many celebrities sympathized with t-ara, did akp post that? no. there's a huge flaw in those proofs they used, did they give the later explanation of that? no. despite these bunch of antis demanding their removal from dramas, soyeon's drama got fairly good rating in its first air (9% is good for a new drama), did akp report that? no. why? because k-netizens (the t-jinyo movement) basically passed those articles, making huge hits on articles degrading t-ara, other newsites basically copy paste what's trending, and akp being the follower without stance they are, merely posted what's trending too. and basically, what some those crappy antis read in akp is what's trending on k-news sites too.

sure some t-jinyo are indeed t-ara fans who support hwayoung and demand proper explanation from kks, but most of it? haters, antis, bypassers. it's worthy to note that despite their tremendous sales ('roly poly' hit the jackpot last year, i'd probably get slammed by sones if i say 'the boys' is forgettable by the mass and nothing against 'roly poly' or 'good day') and projects like endorsments or dramas, it's known to t-ara fans themselves that they have weak fanbase. i too want the girls to reach out to their fans instead of haters like t-jinyo (kinda like 2pm before, even if most fans decided to turn against them for a while) and kks clearing up hwayoung's name -- because regardless the truth in his statement, it's unprofesionally done.

but stopping these girls activities? ruining their careers? demanding their disbandment? calling them 'bullies' without much knowledge to the issues? get public attention by calling out at them? seriously, get a life.

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The author of this article has just spoken my mind. People will definetly think what they want about the incident. The media will always be the media posting rubbish just to get more revenue

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I feel sorry for the original members.

They are being pushed by everyone.

Netizens, media, and even have to follow their ceo.

Huh, this is just heartbreaking seeing people never consider their hardwork :(

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Before this whole situation happened, whenever I had spare time I would scour the web to find anything T-ara related so I could learn more about the girls (I.E variety shows and interview etc.)

Now I find myself frantically looking for any information to show that they are ok, or signs of this blowing over/dying down.

Unfortunately I don't see an end to the endless ocean of hate that the girls are facing.

Tired of staring/reading all of the dumb hate comments about the girls.

I don't know about most of you, but I constantly have these scenarios playing over and over in my head.

((2 scenarios each))

1. T-ara steps up to clear the air;

"There was never any bullying." -Netizens call BS mudslinging continues, or somewhat satisfied ex-fans and netizens drop the hate. (because we know anti's will always be anti's)

"We're sorry..." - Netizens wreck havoc, T-ara is finished

2. Hwayoung steps up;

"I was never bullied" - Netizens "She was bullied/payed to say that!!" or

"so it true she was arrogant!" netizens turn on her and her chance of a new career goes down the drain.

"It was really hard, but thank you for being on my side" - Netizens "DOWN WITH T-ARA" pitchforks and torches in hand. Dead end for T-ara.

3. KKS step up;

"Blah blah" plays merry go round with people mind causing more extreme hate outbreaks.

"This is all my fault" and steps down from CEO (please let this happen soon!!!!!)

4. T-ara and Hwayoung; (slim chance of this though =/ )

"There was never any bullying, please stop the lies" - Netizens feels like jackass. Ex-fans can suck it.

"We're sorry to everyone involved" - Netizens sea of hate engulfs everyone.

I just want this to end so I can go back to happily watching them with their bright beautiful smiles and a huge dorky smile on mine. I miss them.. =(

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