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[12.08.07] Video HD - Soyeon Cuts on Haeundae Lovers Ep 2

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CR: PttTaraHD@yt

And thanks to fellow Diadem, SimonH, for sharing the link to catch Haeundae Lovers on live stream, every Monday and Tuesday, KST 9.55pm to 10.55pm (: http://livedekankoku.web.fc2.com/kbs2-live2.html

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'T-JinYo' Refusal To Watch T-ARA Related Dramas-Petition Fail, 'On-Offline's Drastic Difference'


‘T-JinYo’, who is known to have 340,000 members online, don’t seem to work well together offline.

On August 6, the first episode of “Haeundae Lovers” with T-ARA member Soyeon, received a viewer rating of 9.8%. Considering this was their first episode, the ratings were seen as good.

‘T-JinYo’ planned to ban watching dramas with T-ARA members in it. However, it was harder than they had thought. Due to the positive ratings of the drama, many watched the drama regardless of the ban.

‘T-JinYo’ had also planned to protest in front of Core Contents Media on August 4. However, they ended up canceling the petition due to their lack of preparation. There were thousands of posts about the protest, but in reality, only about 30 members came out to petition. This is a rather embarrassing number for a group that has over 340,000 members online.

Why is it that the online and offline actions are so different?

An official stated, “It could be because of the fact that they have to show their face when they come offline. Online, anyone can say whatever they want, but when they are revealed in public, it is harder for them to say what they want.”

Most of the members of the group are also in their teens, which could also cause problems if they were all to meet offline. Many of the group members ideas and thoughts were different which could have also made it difficult for them to come to a clear consensus.

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A good chunk out of the 340,000 members would also be the same people using multiple IDs and fake emails..

I tried to do the same tactic at the T-ara support petition on change.org but they have a mechanism to protect against such abuse :P

This actually reminded me of a friend of mine who didn't sleep for two days since she was busy making new accounts to support Big Bang in an online popularity award or something..

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T-ara Wins Poll for Girl Group with Strongest Minds


T-ara was chosen as the girl group with the strongest mental capacity.

According to a poll taken on the community portal site DC Inside from July 31 to August 7, T-ara was ‘the girl group with the biggest will and the strongest mental capacity’.

The group garnered 11,858 votes, 80.1 percent out of the total of 14,798 votes for the poll. T-ara became popular after debuting in 2009 with Lies, and has been active in music, acting and variety both as a group and individually. Recently, however, it’s found itself in big trouble with outcast rumors that started through social networks.

Girls’ Generation (SNSD) followed T-ara with 860 votes (5.8 percent), while Kara came in third with 369 votes (2.5 percent). 2NE1 and SISTAR could also be found on the list.

DC Inside is currently holding a poll under the same theme with boy groups from August 7 to 14. As of August 8, JYJ is in the lead with 192 votes, which is 81 percent of the total number of votes.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

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found it on tumblr and please show yr support okay.





Lord Noodles here, myself, AmandaMetal, Jokerstorm2 and some Diadems are trying to make a campaign:
International T-ara Fan Support Day.

The purpose? Show our love of T-ara.

Show a homemade sign, fan art, drawings, photo support, album collections, something you’ve done as a fan of T-ara to show everyone!
I spoke once of being loud and proud
of being a fan, well here’s your chance to do it! Post on your own blogs, or you can contribute
to my other one; we’re looking for a place to collect all of this T-ara Love!

T-ara Time to Love!

Hey guys if you haven’t already, share this and contribute to the project! Thanks!

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