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[12.08.16] T-ara's Eunjung bows her head and refuses to answer questions about the "T-ara situation"


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""This is the first time I have a role where two men love me. Previously, I has a one-sided love or unrequited love where it was not mutual."

i don't know but i laughed when i heard this statement from EJ... haha XD

anyway, this people need not to push members to speak... when they are okay, I'm sure they will speak out ^^

Eunjung-oppa fighting!!! T-ara fighting!

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is it me or Eunjung lost some weight? :/ even at the press con of Hyomin, she looks like she lost some weight. anyways,, stay strong Eunjung and the rest of T-ara members. We will support you no matter what happen. <3 T-ara Fighting! Eunjung Fighting! Five Fingers Fighting!

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Her mother once told some fans that Eunjung lost weight...

When I saw the photos... Oh wow she really lost weight!

Her face is definitely thinner than before.

I like her outfit and hair and all and she still pretty of course.

But really she looks depressed. :(

Her eyes, her expression, even her black-colored dress...

It looks like someone died.

Like she lost her soul or something.

Expressionless. Sometimes staring at the floor. Empty. :mellow:

Obviously she's still hurting. :(

And she's scared of the public :wacko:

[i remember even Soyeon said she can't even eat in public anymore... :(

and I feel so betrayed that Hwayoung can freely attend concerts and still post cheery selcas with her sister so I guess she can enjoy beauty salons all day now and still get support and sympathy of the public]

Anyway, back to Eunjung...

I admire her strength as she did her best to face the public.

I admire her as she tried to smile at times but of course it's clearly difficult for her to do so.

I admire her politeness as she tried to answer questions and refused to answer the irrelevant questions.

I also admire the cast members who obviously supported her and encouraged her.

I guess even Joo Ji Hoon can understand what Eunjung is going through since he was also involved in a scandal before.

I am glad that they allowed Eunjung to stay in this promising drama.

I am happy that despite the pain that they are going through, T-ara members are trying to stay strong.

I am also happy that many fans gave support to Eunjung in this press conferences and that it ended well I think.

I really hope this drama will have high ratings. :)

Slowly I shall see them all bouncing back to success, perhaps scarred, but definitely stronger than before. :)

T-ara Fighting! :)

Eunjung Fighting! :)

Five Fingers Fighting! :)

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It breaks my heart to see Eunjung so.... not herself. I mean, she feels bad about this entire thing and it looks like she's punishing herself.

Which I don't think she should - none of them should. I think the netizens are doing more then enough thoughtless punishing. :(

I hope she takes care of herself and that the rest of the girls are okay.

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Anyway here is the picture of the "Rice Wreaths" Eunjung fans have send to show support of Eunjung in the drama..


^^ i've read Eunjung Japanese Fans send this to the Press Conference to show their support to Eunjung.. I'm glad they did atleast Eunjung knows that her fans & Queens would always stand by her side no matter what..

The left most words sums it all for me.... Thank you for posting the picture.

I really support Eunjung & Hyomin's position during the interview.. for me Soyeon has told T-ara's side of the story (not CCM's) in her Chosun Ilbo interview, no more words are needed, its up to each individual to decide for themselves what do they believe or not..

The only way to shut up the antis now is to show that T-ara members are no longer easy targets for their type of cyber-bullying and the way to achieve this is not through words (it will only inflame them more) but through action. I don't think T-ara should release any singles and do live performances yet, but what they can do is do really-really well on their respective dramas and show that they are still high-rating earners.

As mob mentality goes, when the antis who actively spread malicious rumors and write despicable comments on message boards figure out that the general public (not niche market K-pop fans) are actually into T-ara dramas, I think there will be a sharp decline in the number of the actual active antis (the guys who take the time to actually make/fabricate things up) as it won't be that easy anymore to harass T-ara.

Bullies are cowards who prey on the weak (which is why I never believed that someone with a strong personality as Hwayoung's would ever let herself be bullied for 20 months).. Now is the time to show how strong T-ara really is.

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its good to know sbs officer play good job here..they warned the reporter..stupid reporter..i'm glad eunjung is strong..i mean she didn't cry or angry with the reporter..t-ara hwaiting..i'm happy that eunjung got main role in this drama..can't wait to see her action..eunjung hwaiting..t-ara, please stay strong..we will always support n love you..

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I was half happy half sad~

I was happy because she didn't tear up and managed to composed her self and her professionalism shone throughout this interview even though how shady of reporters indirectly still trying to get her comment on this scandal.

I was sad seeing her like in pain like it really stab my heart. I thought she might be better than Minnie but I was wrong . She was so vulnerable it's not the usual Jungie we would see. I hope she won't be so hard on herself.

but amidst all of this sadness I'm glad the cast members are supportive towards Eunjung.. Please take care of her :)

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Aigoo, not once, but twice they had to tell the reporters to keep the questions drama show related, not drama in a general sense. <_< If the reporters want those questions answered, raise a whole lot of money to give to them to attend a T-ara Press Conference. But, I guess after what they did to our Hyomin, and now our Eunjung, I doubt they will take the money and attend it. After all, they did turn down millions before.

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OMG I finally got to see you!!! Even though you look sad, pale and fragile, but there are still a slight smile on your face, and I am happy to see that. I know you are going through a tough time right now, but you still show to all your fans your professionalism and you will work hard for drama and other activities in the future. I am very proud of you EJ!!! You look like you can shed tears at anytime during the Press Con, but you DID NOT cry and the reporters can't attack you with all their stupid questions!!! Great job Eunjung! I am proud to be your fan!!!

Eunjung Fighting! Hong Da Mi Fighting! Five Fingers Fighting!!!

Though it was sad to see Eunjung look so sad like this, pale and try to compress her emotion. She was there but her mind was elsewhere :(((. But hopefully she can get better soon and become the happy and energetic EJ that we used to see!!!

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I´m so excited to see her again, it´s been a long time without her. I was expecting her to be sad, but she looks more sad than i thought :( i´m so worried, i hope she can recover her happiness and i think is a good think that she has to go filming this drama.

I was relieved she has the suport of the rest of the cast, Chae Si Ra knows her from Queen In soo and off course she knows jow is Ham Eunjung, she and the other actress and the two guys but must of all Joo Ji Hoo who knows very well what´s to be on the spot and be the target of hate and critics and had a very difficult time.

She has lost for me like 4 kg of weight , her legs and arms(she looks beautifull) but i´m worried it´s because she is sad she has lost that weight :unsure: .

I´m so proud of her and so thankfull to her for not to cry, people were expecting her to cry, but she was strong and didn´t do it, she is so depressed she couldn´t look more happy but i think is obvious if you see how nervous and stressed she was, her hand were always pressing one against the other, her chest had a little allergy pobably due to stress and she was in some moments abcent from the press conference in her mind.

But i think she needs more time, i really (i don´t pray but i´m almost about to do it) hope the drama to be very succesfull, and i´m sure her acting will be AMAZING, her emotions right now are in bloom and it will help her acting a lot(little positive point from this horrible situtation).

let´s keep suporting her and all T-ara and think on ways to cheer them up.

FIGHTING EUNJUNG. :wub: she was so beautifull despite beeing so sad, she is a princess. :wub:

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Same crap that Hyomin had to put up whit, while i am curious as well as to what really happened there's a line. And i'm appauled to see that even in Korea people are far to eager to cross that line just to make a headline.

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the reporter just so mehh -__- eunjung look so tired and sad :(

proud to see the attitude of the PD SBS and MBC who had control over the situation in order to feel comfortable Hyomin and Eunjung at press conference,

I hope the drama of Eunjung gets a high rating

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