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[12.08.20] Eunjung and Lee Jangwoo to have their last MBC "We Got Married" episode on the 25th


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Hmm, I don't know.. I haven't watch WooJung that much but I knew that they were a very cute couple.

I'm going to try to believe their words, since Eunjung's got a very busy schedule.

But I do feel though that the scandal maybe one of the factors here.

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Whatever they say regarding the departure of woojung it is somehow related to t-ara controversy. Whatever they say netizen will consider it as related to the issue. And i'm happy because eunjung starting its new big drama. And I'm bias more in EUNyeon than WooJung.

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Everyone knew this was coming.

All good things come to an end after all.

Everything a WGM couple does has already been done by WooJung.

Once a WGM couple conducts a wedding shoot or a wedding ceremony, the end is near.

It's just sad that WooJung had to experience so many difficulties, from Eunjung's injury, to MBC strike, to the T-ara controversy.

It's also sad that the controversy had to be so huge that all haters and some netizens believe that this ending is the consequence of the controversy, no matter how MBC says it's not. I can't blame them because the T-ara controversy is still so fresh in their minds that they make connection about these two different things.

I feel so sad that this day has finally come because the only reason I watch WGM is because of WooJung.

WGM Woojung brought me to T-ara fandom.

Now I have no reason to watch WGM.

But rest assured I will watch out for Eunjung's, T-ara's and Jangwoo's projects.

WooJung couple, thank you for all the sweet moments, for the wonderful episodes, for the entertainment.

I will surely miss WooJung.

Good luck to Eunjung and Jangwoo. I hope they keep communicating.

WooJung Fighting! Eunjung Fighting! Jangwoo Fighting!

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I always saw the rating of We Got Married from the day it started after the strike happened. And last WGM episode the rating of wgm really increased than the previous episode. Believe it or not netizens still want to see eunjung in the variety show. And whether we admit it or not eunjung is the reason of this rating increased. What do you think?

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I have never missed a single episode of the Woojung couple, i was always refreshing websites to see when they would upload the new episodes with subs and so the thought of them leaving in the midst of the controversy makes me sad that i wont be able to see my dearest couple again and the thought that no matter what, everyone will still relate this to the controversy. Ofcourse its good that Eunjung is leaving as that would lessen her schedules and more time for her to focus on her drama and on getting some well deserved rest, but i just couldnt help but think that Eunjung and Jang Woo really had something, they were just sooo believable on the show. So i will sincerely miss them, and do hope that they could star in a drama together in the future.. Eunjung and Jang woo (jang goon nim) HWAITING !!

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i worry about eunjung now. I notice she is really sensitive so i'm worried about her well-being esp now she is filming a drama.

i hope she recovers and do well in her drama...Five fingers is gaining good ratings now and netizens will be watching out for eunjung's acting in the drama..i hope eunjung will do amazingly.

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oh well, i still think it's because of the bullying scandal. i know a wgm couple can end anytime, but this felt kinda abruptly... if she only appeared in drama, she could avoid the topic as much as she wants, but it's not the same thing for variety show... pretending that the scandal never happened will be really awkward when they live a virtual-reality couple like this.

i like this couple, though the recent episodes are booring and i kinda dislike jangwoo a bit.... they have a cute chemistry and natural skinship. i hope eunjung stay strong as it'd be very hard for her to film the last episode and jangwoo can be nice to her for their last day.

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I think I had the same reaction as many when I read the news earlier. Very sad to see our favorite couple no longer in WGM but I am hoping that they will continue to mention one another or we’ll be able to spot them wearing their bracelets and rings. If it was truly what they both wanted, I will be happy that they got to have all this time together and we were able to witness it.

I know that they were going to have to end eventually but I was feeling hopeful with the previous episode when Eunjung didn't want to hear Jangwoo's bad news and it only turned out to be about the Camper. Even the MCs didn't want to hear them leaving. It made me feel like we were still going to see them for awhile but now it is official and I do feel that it came a lot sooner due to the T-ara controversy :(

However, I am wishing them amazing success in their careers! I want Eunjung more than ever to succeed to show the haters what she is capable of despite the harrassment that the programs are getting for having her on. I do believe that I’ll be crying along with them on their last episode. No way they won’t be emotional =(

Looking forward to watching more of Five Fingers. I already love it! Also cannot wait to see what Jangwoo will do next!!! Woojung couple hwaiting!!

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This is all so quick and sudden. I don't like how all of this went down.

We had a GREAT honeymoon and wedding in Indonesia and everything was super fun/cute/romantic between the couple, then we had a long break and they returned with a few episodes (that weren't that great because of the long break) and now it just ends. I feel cheated.

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