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Korean Translators

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We're looking to add more staff positions here at Diadem, and among them of course are additions to the hardworking subbing team. We are currently looking for Korean Translators to join the team.

As the title implies, the job of this particular position is to translate Korean into English. This includes (but not limited to) translating verbal Korean and Hangul. So there are videos, screentext in videos, twitter posts, articles, song lyrics, etc.

To be a Korean Translator at Diadem you will need to be fluent and proficient at Korean. We expect our translators to understand clips, videos, articles and fully produce English translations that are correct and easy to comprehend.

This is not a paid position but you are expected to be available to work when ask and as projects are assigned to you. This will vary and can range from no projects one week and being handed two the next. There is a time commitment involved and we expect you to meet it just as we would of any other staff memeber. There are plenty of videos that need to be sub and we can't do it alone!

Experience is not necessary but is a big plus. We want someone who can jump in and help out as soon as possible but we're also willing to train (but you still need to be fluent in Korean) if you're the right fit for this amazing team. If you are interested, please apply using the following form and post it into this thread. We will review your application and contact you for further information or testing if needed.

[b]Availability:[/b] how much time can you commit? Student? etc, we like an idea
[b]Why do you want to be a subber?[/b]
[b]Previous Experience[/b]: have you subbed else where before, personal/recreation?
[b]Examples[/b]: any examples of your work, link them!

Thank you! Good Luck!!!

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