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[12.08.30] Video HD - T-ara's "Sexy Love" music video teaser


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hahaha shinsadong tiger, you just cant stop cant you?

his method of creating hit songs still hasnt changed, lol papa americano

lol jk, its just the way he makes songs

he just needs that starting beat and then he can follows it with his own

as long as he dont get attacked for plagiarizing, I dont care (though this cant be classified as plagiarizing)

all I care is he keeps making hit songs for t-ara

cheers s-tiger!

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Ok CCM.. the song & choreo is damn fine.. please, please don't mess the MV up with bad editing..

Btw.. wonder if part two of Day By Day will also be launched..

Tell me about it...

To be honest,although I absolutely love Day By Day,it's pretty hard to finish watching the dance version because of all the flash lights.I also had the same problem with I Go Crazy Because of You.It gets me dizzy every single time...

Yeah,part two will be launched soon,I believe.However,seeing the teaser,it seems like the dance version will come out first.Come on CCM,don't you know QUEEN'S are dying to see the continuation it?


DAEBAK!! Thanks for posting!! Kekekke!! Why is areum cross eye? Hahahaha!! OMG QRI REALLY SHORT HAIR ><><

Areum's robotic look in the box scares me,LOL.And yes,I was pretty shocked to see Qri cut her hair.Since they debut,Qri pretty much haven't change her,slightly yes,but never drastically like Jiyeon or Hyomin.And her hair colour looks like seaweeds :P

This seems to be the "dance ver.". I'm also looking forward "drama ver.". I wanna see the end of day by day!

Yep,this is the dance version of Sexy Love.Me too.Hands down people,Day By Day was by far the best music video of T-ara - at least for me though.

hope this song get all kill

t-ara and queen's it's our time to kick antis butt lol

All-kill material ... if they dont knock off everyone else on the chart ... the chart is rigged

I'm pretty sure even if with the controversy still haven't really fade away,this song and also their album selling with hit the chart like hot pancakes.I mean,even their teaser video already hit NO.1 on GOM TV Video Chart!!!Woohooo!!! http://hyotheleader....ven-with-just-a

In fact,I noticed that most of their catchy songs tends to do EXTREMELY well on charts.For example,Bo Peep Bo Peep,I Go Crazy Because of You,Roly Poly and Lovey Dovey were ranked NO.1 on most digital charts with just a few days.A lot of people has been complaining that the chorus (Soyeon) sounds irritating.Don't know about you guys but I found it to be very catchy and easy to follow.I especially love the part:

"sexy eyes"

"sexy nose"

"sexy mouth"

"don't you know??"

Whoa,that's a lot of quotes!

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The stage reminds me of Batman's backup cave, and yes the instrumental sounds a bit like Papa Americano.

The description on the official teaser shows the release date as "2012.09.04" though. Anyways, can't wait for the full version of both the dance and drama versions.

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