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[12.09.02] T-ara to release four music videos at midnight on September 3rd


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Only Ahreum in DnN??? If this is true than KKS must troll badly this time. And what about the audio?? Will it be released at the same time?

This can only happen in CCM lol...4 MVs at the same time.

I like Shannon, but I wish more member can be in Day & Night, I love T-ara ballad song esp. Eunjung sing it *sign*. Wish Qri or Boram can be involve too, don't forget about them. Why only Areum.

I want T-ara members to sing in "Day & Night"...

why is it to be just Ahreum?

Just don't understand what does this have to do with T-ARA.

Only one member of T-ARA is part of the song, why put so much into it with it being a "single" and having an MV? Another question that I have is how are they going to promote that song in music shows?

However, I can't wait for the releases. 10h30m to go.

Why isn't t-ara the one singing day and night =.=

Wow,a lot of QUEEN'S feel disappointed with T-ara's newest ballad song,Day and Night.Well,know what,count me in.I,too feel extremely frustrated with the song.When I first heard they gonna produce another ballad song,I thought it might sound as good as Don't Leave (one of my favourites) but now it seems that we have been cheated.

Three persons will be involved and ONLY Areum will sing this.I believe this is one of the moves by CCM to promote her,don't you think so?Yes,this could boost her popularity but,Eunjung and Hyomin can rap fiercely too....hurm....Anyway,we should give Areum a chance and let say how the song gonna turn up.I hope she will not sing only 3-4 lines in that song.It serves no purpose then.

And yes,agreed with Lilah,how they gonna promote this song on the shows?Don't tell me they won't.Ballad is Soyeon's forte and once again,CCM wasted her talent.Hooray!!Way to go,KKS.You really know how to manage your girl group.

However,4 music videos in one go,don't you guys think it's a little bit rush?Oh well,no matter what,I'm gonna watch ALL 4 within an hour.I miss my girls damn much.

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Focus people, focus. T-ara is making their comeback, and what people are thinking? Why the rest of T-ara not in the other song?

Who cares, as long as T-ara stays, then it should be all good. Continue to support and we'll see them for a long, long time.

Doubt is worse than hatred.

T-ara fighting! We believe and we support and we anticipate your comeback. :)

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FOUR MV??? One months produced FOur MV... and the fact that only Areum in Day And Night?? What is this? Shannon gonna debut soon and this is for promoting or 'introducing' Shannon? =__=|||

Anyway, i hope in Day And Night, Areum get most of the parts.. It's T-ara's song for heaven sake!!

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On the bright side, YES !!! 4 MVS. Okay, I expect delays, but still .. hurray :D

On another side, I'm curious about DnN now. Why can't it be sang by T-ara only ?

You can have Areum as the main singer for that song if you want. But come on .... I guess I'll have to look on to that too.

And please CCM, don't do those 1 second flashes again. But it's too late to tell them that. :P

Let's all wait for tonight then !! :D

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Iv'e decided to stayed late night even if i have work for tomorrow. Daebak! 4 songs for one release! Seriously? Can't wait for the music videos to release esp the Sexy Love, but why day and night is also release together with the sexy love? Too confusing! hm. Anyways just anticipating for the release of the videos. Few hours to go.lol. T-ara fighting. Be good with them netizens. :wub: Queen's please anticipate it lets support them. Qyeen's fighting. :rolleyes:

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