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[12.09.02] Video HD - T-ara Sexy Love MV ( Dance Ver.)


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not Eunjung sing the high note but Areum? :huh:

i think it's Eunjung, it sounded like her.. plus on 4:22 you can see she was the one on the middle and acting like he was singing some high notes.. i think it may look like Areum because she was the first to appear during the high note part but you can see that when they show jungie her actions shows she's doing the high note plus Areum just done the rap part it's actually hard to catch up your breathing and do a high note right after the rap so i don't they would have given it to her..

but anyway whoever did it doesn't matter because it sounded good..

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Daebak. Finally the full MV is out. I was replaying the teaser so many times that I was so excited for the whole song.

Now it's here. Wow. Cool.

I love the song and the dance!!!

I really hope it's an all-kill.

I always had a good feeling about this song even in the Day By Day MV end-teaser and also when I watched Star Life Theater. I even had a feeling that one of the reasons why T-ara was so hated and cyberbullied so much was because they were sort of threatened by the potential of this song to be such a good hit.

I'm happy that it's only less than 24 hours and yet the MV had so many views already. So many dislikes though. But still, so many likes!!! So I guess I will have to be optimistic. T-ara may have gained a lot of anti-fans, but I still believe that T-ara gained many TRUE fans as well. I became a fan just weeks before the controversy broke out, and now I am even more deeply invested in the fandom after the controversy broke out. I want justice and redemption for them after they received so much hate and lost a lot.

T-ara Fighting! :)

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