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[12.09.04] T-ara to perform at comeback stages and release a music video with "Little T-ara"


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I'm excited to see Little T-ara for the robotic part... (not the sexy part please!!!)

Some netizens say they will use them as "shields" from anti-fans.

I like that they have surprises in store.

I don't mind what they say as long as everyone is safe and the comeback stage will be a success.

I really hope to see a perfectly synchronized dance performance.

So will Gunji and Shannon sing on stage too for Day and Night?

I really hope everything will turn out well.

Staying optimistic.

T-ara Fighting!

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So a bunch of kids dancing to T-ara's latest song called Sexy Love?Is this really appropriate to begin with?Ugh,it is such a disgust knowing that KKS is such a pedo!Seriously,when I was at their age,I don't even know what sexy is...7 members is already enough and now they gonna add 7 more members which obviously some members' scene time will be reduce (we all know who) for the cameramen to focus on the kids too.I want to see T-ara,not a 7-9 years old kids dancing happily without knowing the meaning of the song.Sigh....

Anyway,I'm looking forward for their comeback.It's just in a couple of days.It's been a while since we last saw them on stages together.I miss them terribly.

I agree. Use the kids only for the robot dance. I am really looking forward to Thursday. I hope they perform Friday, Saturday, and Sunday also. I really want to see Areum's rap part and the awesome "up and down" move that the girls do at the end of the rap.

If memory serves right,they will start promoting this song starting from 6th September on M! Countdown,followed by Music Core the next day and lastly Music Inkigayo on the 9th.Oh I bet thousands of QUEEN'S who missed them will flood the YouTube site to watch their performances.Haha,me too!The "up and down" move and the "mirror" dances were great although some says that it's not Areum's voice but Hwayoung's.They added 10 layers of auto-tuned to make it sounds like hers since there's no time to record back the song but of course,we'll never know the truth.

Aah,I can't wait to see them doing robot dance!I hope they'll release a dance practice video too.It'll awesome.

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This reminds me of one of T-ara's previous performance, everybody thought it was super cute at the moment. Of course it was Bo Peep Bo Peep not "Sexy Love".. still I hope people will not judge until they actually see the performance:

Come to think of it 'I Go Crazy About You' was more risque... than Sexy Love :P

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