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[12.09.05] Quick News - Areum, Shannon and Gunji performing "Day and Night" on M!Countdown


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Cool, I like to see them perform this song. They all sing well. Ahreum raps well too.

I actually love this song. I love the sad and haunting melody. Especially when used in the SL drama MV.

The song's MV is quite boring... but the song, although sad, is nice.

It's great to see Ahreum being promoted (although I really want other T-ara members Soyeon and Eunjung to sing this too).

Actually I just miss Eunjung's ballad voice.

Oh well, at least because of this song, I got to know who Shannon is.

I watched her Star King performances especially her Phantom of the Opera performance. Wow, talented kid!

Will she be a solo artist or a member of a girl group (5Dolls)? I hope CCM won't mess up on her career.

I guess I'll be looking forward to Shannon's performances from now on too.

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