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[12.09.08] CAM 720p - T-ara - Sexy Love @ KPop Nature Concert


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well, though it's minority, but still glad there are somebody clapping and cheered at the end.. Though based on the cheers and clap is clearly minority less than 5.. T-ara Hwaiting!!

I salute their strong hearts.. If they were to go on strong hearts now, they'll win for sure. Why? Imagine you were about to step your foot out to perform and all the sudden u heard those nasty ppl saying "Dissapear" "Disband" "Get Lost" or what so ever.. I'm sure your heart will sink and your heart is shouting "Don't go out there. Run!" and you might really ran away in normal circumstances. I seriously can imagine them telling each other "Let's hang in there for a bit. We're professionals. We must complete this task. I believe there are minority fans out there. Let's show 'em what we got!"

I see fighting spirit there.. Though their mood is low to the max already.. >_<

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I'm happy they were given an opportunity to perform. It's their first live public performance in a concert after the controversy.

I'm happy that they were so brave to pull this performance off amidst the negative response of many Koreans.

I'm happy that it was a success.

Based on the video, it was indeed a cold and silent audience, I did not hear fan chants, and only heard those few claps after the performance. But then again we can't be so sure since there was no concrete proof of the response of the entire audience. Like @kuriya17 I also noticed Jiyeon seems to be in a rush to go off stage. I was trying to see if anyone is teary-eyed or anything but it's not so clear to see that. But I think they don't look as cheerful as their other performances.

Oh well. They probably expected worse. I'm glad it's not as bad as a black ocean like what happened to SNSD in 2008... The rumors about the T-ara black ocean going around seems to be exaggerated and it's not as huge as anti-fans want it to be. Some people probably shouted those mean things and turned off their glowsticks, but I think it did not make a huge impact. No official news whatsoever about any T-ara black ocean. Just rumors that they got booed during the 10-minute performance, which doesn't seem to be true. Seeing this video, it's "just" a cold bench, not really about booing or a black ocean.

[The audio file going around earlier (now deleted) was quite disappointing because when T-ara was announced, the reaction sounds negative and the people near the one who recorded the audio were just chatting, as if not paying attention, and after they performed, there seems to be some sarcastic remarks. Probably it's just one small cluster in the audience, not the entire audience. It's probably a failed attempt at a black ocean act.]

It's probably just that, some groups were disrespectful at that time.

Some cheap immature act of disrespect that would get them nowhere.

But during the performance, I think there were no boos. Though no fan chants either.

Whatever it is, T-ara won't disband because of what those immature audience did.

About those rumors saying T-ara cried after the performance, well, they're just that--rumors.

At least they were professional enough, they performed well and they thanked the audience.

If they were indeed hurt/affected and if they indeed cried after that Jeju concert, well, I think they are fighting even more and even stronger now. Watch the Inkigayo performance, how much they smiled and looked so happy and energetic as if mocking those anti-fans even more, "ha, the more you hate us, the more we get stronger, watch us rise again."

I do hope every T-ara member is a positive thinker. They just have to hang on and focus on their performances and cheer up because they still have supporters.

I wish them the best in their future performances. I hope they receive so much support and love from the audience.

T-ara Fighting! :)

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