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[12.10.20] Video - T-ara Confession

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I was skeptical when I saw the preview of Confessions a few weeks back thinking how bad the timing of it was and what good would it do to T-ara's suffering reputation because it never once crossed my mind that they'll be talking about the recent controversy (it'll be stupid to expect them making "Confessions about Hwayoung/tweets" on MNET) and make a statement to clear up their name, dismissing it as another KKS stunt (which of course it was). But after watching it, as a fan, it felt good to see them again. It felt good to see so many fans welcoming them, and also good to know that now more than ever, they realize how huge the love of the fans that they are receiving after going through the controversy. It's still heartbreaking to see them cry talking about the "very recent past events" ( I cried too when Hyomin cried) but all is not lost because they have seemed to come out taking a huge lesson from it all. Being responsible, inseparable and putting the name T-ara first. Hyomin, as I understand, said that being on a stage give the feeling of sadness so they know they must work harder for the fans. It is also sad for the fans to see the girls scarred but it's nice to see that they are moving on despite the burden they must be feeling and are continuing to give us entertainment and inspiration. Time will heal all wounds. Hope it happens to them sooner.

I love the answers that Soyeon and Qri said when asked what T-ara meant to them. I thought it was very meaningful and heartfelt. Hyomin (love her hair btw) made my cry but she made me laugh in this show too. She is as dorky as ever, and Soyeon always has witty comeback words for whatever she's saying, which is also funny. :)

Cheer up T-ara!

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