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[PICS] Hyomin and Eunjung @ COURONNE opening event (10/23)


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Hyomin,what a bright lipstick you have.Call m crazy but Eunjung's collarbone look sexy LOL.

They didn't even mask their expression.Both of them looked extremely exhausted and sad.Hyomin looked like she could burst out crying at any moment while Eunjung looked like she just been discharged from the hospital.I'm seriously worried for all of them.

I was quite surprised seeing them attending an event despite the controversy which is still a pretty hot stuff in Korea.

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Even as a guy, I have to admit that I like Eunjung's jacket/cardigan/or-whatever-you-call-it, though the purple bag feels a bit off with the grey and black.

But aside from that, as a few others indicated here, both of them look either exhausted, gloomy or just in a real bad mood. Then again, considering they're still being overworked to the bone despite that scandal (which should have kept them lying low for an extended period of time), I guess such expressions should have been at least half-expected.

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