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[12.12.12] Video - T-ara ぶっちゃけ座談会! 韓ラブ


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cr @ YT jwelrybox

translation ( cr @ Twitter - kclalala )

Soyeon said :
- on the 1st day she and qri joined dorm life , they couldn't sleep ( ot3 already live together before as trainees ).
- so they decided get ramen from the corner store , but when they go back the door was locked , so they ended up eating outside in the dark.
- because they didn't really know each other well back then ,they ate silence thinking about how to get in.
- they called HY , EJ and JY ...but none of then picked up because they all were sleeping :(
- after an hour EJ finally opened the door , when SY said that EJ looked really shocked and said "me" :o

Eunjung said :
- she doesn't remember , just she remember some voice outside , and when she asked who is it , she heard " unnie ah "
- but after she open the door , she doesn't remember what happened.

Soyeon said :
- because they were so happy the door opened , they ran in and forgot about the ramen cups , leaving them outside.
- the next day when they went out , the ramen cups were still out there and sso and qri pretended loke they didn't know anything about it :ph34r:


Areum :
- in 15 years she wants to have her own entertainmenr company where people who love music can come together and work together.
- the others commenced in 15years you'll only 33years old.. :huh:

Qri :
- is to be wealthy and rich person. :D

Hyomin :
- she want to be free person ;) , then someone commenced you're already quite free right now :lol:
- hyomin said like if i want to go on vacation , then i can just go whatever i want
- soyeon then said 'yes' that related to qri's dream , because to do that you need to first have money
- no interfence with anybody said hyomin

Soyeon :
- she wants to grow out happily , be a beautiful mother / grandmother and smile she see her grandkids
- or to walk hand in hand with her husband while she's pregnant :o

Jiyeon :
- if she didn't become part of t-ara she's probably continue with her sport.
- boram laughed :lol: and said you can probably make a new record.
- they said she can be pretty coach who can teach little kids , then they all said ok we'll send our kids to you :P

Eunjung :
- she likes it even if she is alone :huh: ...because she type who gets alot of satisfaction from work.
- so she can just go on herself and teach next generation or appear in diferent performance etc....trying out new things everyday

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haha SoRi moments there, it seems like a date to me haha >:)

anyway, Boram didn't say her dream? o.0

and thinking about Ssyo's dream, argh, it make my heart aches XD, but ofc, i'm going to look forward to that day that i can see her next generation,

but Eunjung's dream seems like to where she is right now. But don't think of being alone jungie-ah ^^

and when areum is 33 in 15 yrs, boram, qri and ssyo are around 40's already, don't make the yrs pass by so fast areum-ah XD

so if Jiyeon is not a part of T-ara, i might be not fond of any korean grp, bec. she is the first reason i got interested and support a korean grp, but instead i might be a supporter of any sports where she is? yeah, might be XD

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Haha! Qri is like direct to the point XD "To be rich" :))

Then I smiled when Boss Sso said that she wants to walk hand in hand with his husband and pregnant XD

For me, my dream is to see T-ara in person so bad T^T Grant my wish please and I know, other Queen's wish for this too :D

T-ara <3 <3 <3

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I really hope CCM keeps its promise and bring T-ara to Singapore next year! I really want to see them in real life, and maybe I might even be able to take a photo with Soyeon while Hyomin is the photographer.

Delusional. I know, I know.

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