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[12.12.14] Chart Ranking - T-ara are the 4th top seller on Mnet 2012 Download List


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[12.12.14] Chart Ranking - T-ara are the 4th top seller on Mnet 2012 Download List

1. Busker Busker

2. Big Bang

3. PSY

4. T-ara

5. Heo Gak

6. IU

7. Davichi

8. Sistar

9. Baek Jiyoung

T-ara's song have sold the 4th most overall/combined on Mnet's downloads for 2012. They are also the top girl group sales for it!


credit: Nathaniel @ Diadem + naver/mnet

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One quick question,are Melon and Mnet Award the same?Because if it isn't,then T-ara just managed to grab another achievement.Based on Melon Yearly Download Chart,they also being placed among the TOP 10 (#4) for their hit song,Lovey Dovey.

Argh,it's been a rough days for Tara since the whole scandal erupted.I wish they will continue to achieve their goals in life and hoping that next year,it'll a better year for them.Just,don't push yourself too hard girls.I hate seeing anyone of you collapsing again.

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I honestly doubt T-ara could ever actually go beyond this mark (in other words, won't be as successful as this). The damage taken from both CCM and the public (and negative attitude from the latter) is going to take months more to recover and bounce back from fully - and that's being optimistic with the assumption CCM won't mess things up again, which is extremely doubtful. If anything, the second half of 2011 all the way up to the first half of 2012 was their most successful year both commercially and in popularity before CCM screwed things up big time.

Even looking at Busker Busker's sales and downloads alone shows that they're a huge phenomenon in Korea, not to mention this is immensely impressive for a brand new group. Not even Big Bang and Psy could hope to overthrow this band so easily and it goes to show that Busker Busker's successful with the general public, perhaps even more than those two. Add in that all their songs are of their own composed material, it gives them further praise from the K-public whom got bombed with all those numerous rookie idol groups spawning all over the place. To them, it's a fresh change.

They're practically the new Buzz in a way - a rock band in Korea years back who had several songs from one album that achieved under MTV-Korea's Top 10 at one point and had a fanclub believed to be roughly the same size as SNSD's, if not bigger before they headed to do their military service.

Anyways, enough of my rambling of Korean bands XD.

just the word top Gal Group made me Happy... Busker Busker really are the super rookie this year!!! They are everywhere... I hope T-ara will soon claim the Top Kpop idol group beating busker busker or any other group next year...

I'm not sure if what you wrote is a typo or not but Busker Busker is not an idol group :P Additionally, given SNSD's dominance in the idol sector in Korea (not to mention they've been scandal-free since debut aside from the 2008 Dream Concert black ocean in which it was a clear-cut black & white scenario where the group had zero faults), it's hard to think T-ara will be on par with them anytime soon - especially when SM holds a massive advantage in influence, resources and superior management skills. Agencies play an equally important role in both an idol group's success and decline.

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