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[14.04.28] T-ara N4 reveal their true feelings on the path to their debut

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[14.04.28] T-ara N4 reveal their true feelings on the path to their debut

"Since our debut, we constantly have the task of changing our image. From animal costumes and gloves, to Christmas tree costumes and Indian costumes.. once again, please look forward to T-ara's bold and unique concept hehehe"

TV Daily met with T-ara N4 weekly to show off an exclusive honest and funny disclosure of an idol's POV. We dug deep to find out their true feelings and get intimate for the readers. Ah~

T-ara N4 consists of T-ara's members Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon and Areum. Their title song "Rural Life" is different from anything else and the attention towards T-ara has always been hot. Sexy, chic, lively and beautiful girls.. this is what T-ara will portray with their concept this time.

T-ara's first stage will be on May 1st. Since this debut almost four years ago, this will be the first time they'll promote as a unit and there is much anticipation. Choreography practice, interviews, music video shoots.. so far they have had busy schedules with no rest already. If there are misunderstandings or prejudice for T-ara N4, now they will honestly reveal themselves~


Eunjung, "I'm here to film the music video~ But it's too cold so only a bit of my face is showing hehehe"


Hyomin, "In the most comfortable position before recording kekeke With shrimp cakes in my arms kekeke"


Jiyeon, "What was this taken? Transformed into Santa Girl Jiyeon~ Ulzzang angle hehe"


Areum, "Refreshing drink~ Soon spring will go away and it'll be summer hehehe"


Eunjung, "In a good mood with a camera I received as a gift~ Happy right now hehehe"

Hyomin, "Today I'm wearing a pink sweater for the spring atmosphere scene~ I'm not really mad hehe"

Jiyeon, "Wondering how T-ara N4 turned into hip hop warriors? We'll make a public appearance soon hehe"

"Our dinner is cherry tomatoes and rice cakes~ All four of us made cute poses hehehe"

Hyomin, "Break time during choreography practice~ Aigoo it's difficult ㅜㅜ But I have to cheer up for the first stage hehe"

"Earlier we took a proof shot during dance practice of us streching our bodies~ Are we flexible? Hohoho"

Eunjung, "During recording. For the music video concept, I transformed with mushroom hair! kekeke"

Hyomin, "While recording some songs? Shh! It's a secret~ I'll let you know soon hehehe"

"Eating a late night snack to cheer us up. Today we work hard! Everyone, T-ara N4 will come soon. Coming soon~


Source: http://www.tvreport.co.kr/?c=news&m=newsview&idx=339416 / http://www.tvreport.co.kr/?c=news&m=newsview&idx=339417

Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem

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My thoughts on each picture, . . .

1) The cozy, protective, embrace inside that jacket of hers, . . . Sports CF anyone? :D

2) Did anyone else notice that rather huge drink next to that big bag of shrimp cakes too? Even more observant to see how much of that drink was reduced inside of it? Not only hungry, but she's thirsty too. Snack CF anyone? ^_^

3) Thinking ahead is a good thing. Now, if we can just see her entirely in this outfit, to go with this beautifully, enchanting close-up. Christmas Holiday CF anyone? ^_^

4) What is she drinking? Is it just me, or does anyone else would like to insert a straw inside her cup to take a sip, to find out? Coffee CF anyone? ^_^

5) Before we know it, the next thing we'll see is Eunjung with her type of bazooka camera, standing next to Hyomin. Then we can do a before and after comparison with this photo. ^_^

6) In a singular word, . . . mesmerizing. ^_^ Even with that single hair strand going across her angelic face doesn't even faze the attention she's giving into the shot.

7) A progressive and steady image and musical hip-hop build throughout your career, would be my guess. :D

8) What's running through their beautiful minds here????, . . . Areum: "What was this doing in the bag?" Eunjung: "Finished eating. Ready to dance again." Jiyeon: "Eating coolly and savorily." Hyomin: "I got seconds." :D

9) Why is the phrase, "Bagel Girl", coming into my mind? :D

10) Yes, and I would like to see them perform some Mixed Martial Arts next, please. :D

11) Now I'm thinking about playing some Super Mario Bros online game in order to play along with her. ^_^

12) Artfully intelligent this image shot and headline together. :D

13) What's running through their beautiful minds part 2????, . . . Areum: "Look, I found another one." Eunjung: "Oh, looks like no one else is eating this. Yum." Jiyeon: "I wonder if I can toss this piece of food I just ate, into your open mouth, while still sitting here." Hyomin: "Only one way to find out Jiyeon." :D

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"Earlier we took a proof shot during dance practice of us streching our bodies~ Are we flexible? Hohoho"

@Hyomin, you're not even stretching!!! lmao!! only ahreum is like really stretching.

lol can't wait can't wait can't wait!!!

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they're really work hard!!! proud to our girls

and their eye bags must be tired.. but they're still energetic, pretty and cute after all :wub:

T-ara N4 fighting!!!! <3 <3 <3

i can't wait for tmr ^o^ T-ara N4 Go Go Go! #티아라N4 #전원일기

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aigoo they all look so cute posing like that

aww i love eunjung's camera

and jiyeon looks so pretty in that santa girl costume

woah ahreum can do the splits too I see

and lol hyomin in the 2nd pic is sitting like a boss

love you all

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