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[13.05.11] Chris Brown sends a love call to T-ara N4, T-ara N4 to travel to LA to meet with him

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well, it's a surprise to know T-ara N4 got call from Chris Brown :)
yes, i dun't like his reputation after his violently to Rihanna, but hey.. Chris Brown and T-ara N4 meet up for music talk..
this is get me interest cuz T-ara get a chance to U.S and sharing and talking abt music! this is a new experience for them!
i'm waiting their best plan for their great music!
hope everything goes well!!

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SNSD supposedly has a full English album in the works that's supposed to be out this year (not sure when) but a good number of Sones themselves (including me) don't really think it's going to succeed. Even with two native speakers, it's simply not going to work despite that the members are supposedly decking more on their English studies.

But to be honest, no Korean music celebrity has ever succeeded in America. BoA, Se7en, Wonder Girls to name a few went to America during the height of their popularity but failed miserably. The American music industry is completely different to what the Korean music industry is - and is much more cutthroat, to put it at that too. If even some of Korea's most popular acts failed, there's no way T-ara can go half as close as they did. The only example is Psy and he's only a one-hit wonder at best.

2NE1 had wil.i.am with them and they didn't fare too well themselves.

I don't know about you, but a good many people don't look at Chris Brown very positively and his music hits high in the charts? Well he still has fans that actually think lightly of what he did with Rihanna. Let's say T-ara's name was spread thanks to collabing with CB - among the many things people are going to quickly find out is T-ara's scandal last year and how badly screwed up their management is. It's a double-bladed sword.

Going to make a jump in the US is not something that should be taken so lightly. Korean celebrities in the past have tried and failed when they were at the height of their popularity in Korea and there is no way T-ara can even go achieve as much as they have there, regardless of collaborating or not. If anything, the group should be focusing more in Japan. Not doing some wild one-shot attempt in the US.

First of all, SNSD has had a full-length English album in the works for a couple of years now. There's no telling when or if that album will ever be released, and even if they do release albums in the same year, it's an entirely different ball game in the states...you said so yourself. SNSD and T-ara will more or less be on the same playing field. And I don't care that two SNSD members speak English fluently, it's not going to really help them all THAT much.

Secondly, making it in the American music industry is all about who you know and how much faith your contacts have in you...nobody gives a damn how big somebody was back in their home country, it won't do them any good when they're trying to promote in the states. That has absolutely no bearing whatsoever when it comes to making it stateside; YG, JYPE, or SME make chump change compared to what labels such as Island Def Jam, Interscope, Epic Records, or RCA can take home. They can't help their artists when trying to make a U.S. advancement. Very few artists make it on pure talent or charisma alone, they have somebody behind them, pulling strings and opening doors for them. As much as I loathe Chris Brown, it is absolutely undeniable that he is the biggest star to have possibly voiced his interest in a K-Pop act thus far...far more relevant than will.i.am, Snoop Dogg, Akon, or any of the other current stars who have mentioned a Korean idol act (if CCM's stories are to be believed).

As far as what Chris Brown did...I admit that I loathe him with a passion, but I'm also discerning enough to know that PLENTY of U.S. artists have collaborated with him recently and been none the worse for it...Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, the list goes on. The U.S. music industry isn't really like Korea in that if you're seen with an unlikeable figure you're automatically blacklisted due to guilt by association; business is, ultimately, business. Furthermore, nobody in the U.S. is going to give two flying ***** about T-ara's bullying scandal. That ridiculous excuse for a hater orgy never would have exploded the way it did, I can guarantee you that. That's what's so bass-ackwards about Korea...they focus on a scandal full of unsubstantiated allegations, yet when it comes to something that probably would be incredibly sensationalized by U.S. media outlets, such as Nichkuhn's drunk driving accident, it almost goes by completely unnoticed...for a bullying controversy? I mean, come on. That xxxx would have been pegged exactly like it was...discord within the group. Nothing more, nothing less.

Ultimately, at this point I don't think T-ara have anything to lose by focusing on activities outside of Korea. JWD's poor performance on the Korean charts show that Korea's just not ready to forgive them right now, if ever. I doubt this collaboration will interfere much with their Japanese activities, as so far nothing has even been confirmed. Instead of focusing on a plethora of possible negatives, let's just see how it plays out. Ultimately this could just be more media play on CCM's part, but it's REALLY important to take into consideration the fact that, if something does indeed happen for the group in the U.S., it's not even remotely similar to anything in Korea.

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Whether this is good or bad, only time will tell.

Let not forget, no matter how bad CCM/KKS is in handle PR or issue, they are still the one who brought T-Ara from a rookie to where they are now, without them there may not even have this 7 girls coming together. Rather than using my brain to judge whether this is the right move from CCM/KKS, I would use all my focus to supporting T-Ara.

Hope that this come out good, even if it not, I'm prepare to stand by T-Ara even if it against the world.

you are right, absolutely right.. we dont know yet if this move gonna turn out bad or good or if this gonna really help t-ara in the future.. the problem is some of the Queens already think in a negative way.. you should know better coz negative thinking can really attract negative effects.. even if Chris brown had done scandalous acts in the past that doesnt mean that he cant change as time goes by.. there are a lot of singers or artist have been in more worst scandals than him and yet they still stand tall against his/her wrongful doings in their past.. as long as they learn from those mistakes and make a better image in the future.. Queens chill, relax and just wait wat will happen, everything happens for a reason, it might be a reason to learn or improve himself and a reason to make us be more stronger than ever..

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It seems the "backlash" or the result of has started already. I m getting all sorts of inquires from friends from the mainland about T-ara N4!!!!!!

In the positive note!!!! (☆_☆) My friends know I am a Huge fan of K-Pop/J-Pop and wanted to know who is "T-ara N4"???!!!!!

WOW?!?! They had seen it on YT or news? I am trying to get link or info to share!!!

Awesome Queens!

Well......if anything, this is global exposure of the Brand Name T-ara! Maybe this is not what was intended, but results wise, a hidden blessing for our Queens!


quote name="Emperor Ryu" post="413548" timestamp="1368322620"]Chris Brown was arrested on March 5, 2009, which is much longer than T-ara's incident last year, so there's a difference beside the level of severity and consequences that was taken between both parties here. I do not believe you're correct about Kim Kwang Soo only keeping Hyomin, Eunjung, Jiyeon, because Areum is right there with them as a sub-unit, and Jiyeon informing everybody about the Soyeon-Boram-Qri sub-unit later on.

I was told that Girls' Generation will be releasing an English Album this year. 2NE1 is rumored to release one as well, including the Wonder Girls, although that seems like it'll happen next year for them. I remember reading about Rania making a push into the U.S. sometime this month and rumors about talks with signing with a label company. Not sure which one, but I do recall someone mentioning one of Chris Brown's labels. I'm not going to jump to conclusions about any of their works, because I haven't heard and/or seen any of the works to make an accurate assessment. In fact, none of us can make such conclusions until we've seen officially released promotional materials for them. Best to wait for their releases and watch the results unfold. Psy is helping to pave K-Pop a way more accessible into the U.S. market, thanks to previous K-Pop artists before in their attempts to get in as well, even though it didn't yield as much, but in the larger picture, it is progressing better than before.

We're not sure how good their level of English is right now, but Dani is from the U.S., and if I can recall, Tiffany from Girls' Generation did most of the interviews while in our nation.

Again, K-Pop since the late 1990s has vastly improved presently. Even though the measure of success is not on par with the local prominent U.S. artists, that doesn't mean that they're failures, because without such attempts, Psy, Girls' Generation, Wonder Girls, and 2NE1 won't have gotten that much opportunities to perform here. Given how other K-Pop artists are getting into the U.S., like f(x), Rania, and Sistar, K-Pop has been working progressively over the years, because there are fans here. There are way more K-Pop artists getting into the U.S. since the early 2000s, and that alone speaks just how much the genre has improved and still improving.

Please remember that T-ara incident is actually the biggest farce by antis ever in K-Pop history. :D

His fourth album did top the Billboard 200 upon its release and sold around 270,000 copies during its first week, in early 2011. His "Yeah 3x" single did well too, even internationally, which was rather surprising, but did signify that we've moved on from his wrongful ordeal with Rihanna, even though this incident is already permanent on his life record. Given the positive feedbacks that was received on his comeback, I still believe there's redemption for him to achieve, but still open for debate because of the potential backlash for an alleged accusation that he violated his court sentencing term, and his second break up Rihanna by classically cheating on her with another woman recently. I'll give Chris Brown the benefit to improve himself. :) As for T-ara working with him, I still do believe it'll be more in favor of T-ara. But, we'll just have to wait and see, because it's still in the negotiation phase and nothing has been finalized on this collaboration.

Well, he did complete his domestic violence courses and was psychologically approved to deal with his own anger management by court order, so I won't overly exaggerate, but will be cautious to be safe when working with him and keep things professional as singers and co-workers, that is, should they complete their negotiations and decide on working together, and have him assist T-ara debuting in the U.S. Please keep in mind, we still don't know when T-ara's U.S. debut will happen. It could next year, or the year after, and there's lots of things that could change during that amount of time.

I don't believe any of those options are viable given the circumstances Chris Brown is currently facing from both the court and the public. He knows if he screws up this opportunity, an international one, he'll be struggling much worse than before in terms of his career and public image. He won't be able to make the level of comeback like his fourth album, should he screw up this one with T-ara.

When his fourth album was released back in 2011, to much of everybody's surprise here in the U.S., international communities sprang forth in support of his single. European countries more notably. But his single with Justin Bieber, "Next To You" peaked at 95 on the GAON Chart, and his "Strip" song reached 43 later on during that year. Suffice to say, South Korea is aware of Chris Brown. As for the reactions here, everybody is reliving the events that happened back in 2009, despite efforts to remind others what has changed since then and what's happening right now. There's a possibility that it could work out for T-ara more than Chris Brown, should this become officially agreed that both him and T-ara will be working together in the U.S., which would be T-ara's debut in our country. We'll just have to wait and see what happens next.

All of us are not sure just how successful this possible T-ara and Chris Brown collaboration is going to be, given the positive results from their comebacks. Image wise, and reputation, aside, it is possible to create a workable collaborative music together. Everybody in the entertainment industry faces that possibility of falling short in their works. The K-Pop industry are actually making more better progression into the U.S. market gradually, seeing how successful BoA, Wonder Girls, 2NE1, Girls' Generation were able to perform way more than previous K-Pop artists.

When searching Chris Brown's earlier days it wasn't this bad, at least he's striving to redeem himself now than never, which is a good thing. As for T-ara, some of the antis still can't handle the truth from the members themselves, which still makes them rather pathetic. Some of other antis have changed for the better, which is good. :)

They are still in the negotiating phase in light of these media reports on it. Nothing is finalized yet. I don't think it would tarnish T-ara's image, considering Chris Brown has his own to worry about. Since lots people don't believe in the antis against T-ara, and some antis becoming fans again, thanks to N4, T-ara is in a much better position to gain from this. ^_^

Lots of things that could happen in the future for everybody, but considering the positive feedbacks for both T-ara N4's and Chris Brown's comebacks there might be a possible workable collaboration that could be beneficial for T-ara. In the actual scope of the K-Pop genre in the U.S., it has been gradually getting better and better, seeing how successful Psy has become recently. Other K-Pop artists before Girls' Generation, Wonder Girls, and 2NE1 helped open the possibilities for the genre's future prospects to become even more co-existent in the U.S. than previously. T-ara does study other languages, including English, because there are significant amount of U.S. fans of K-Pop artists. :)

Chris Rock? :huh: That would be quite an surprising and interesting collaboration right here.

Considering that T-ara has improved their image and reputation recently since N4's interview, and antis still running amok with their insanity, while their numbers are decreasing and T-ara support increased, and still increasing, T-ara is in a far better position than Chris Brown, who has a criminal record. Everybody knows that the bullying scandal was a sham and fabricated by antis. Compare that to the irrefutable proof of Rihanna's 911 call and facial injury photos, and his plead of guilty in a court of law, there's a huge, and quite massive difference between our T-ara and Chris Brown. There's no mistake about that. Common sense right now is that they are discussing the possibilities of working together. Nothing is finalized on this. But it does signify that T-ara does have possibilities to work with other artists and promote here in the U.S., which is very good to hear. :)

Common sense will always remind all of us that human dignity of forgiveness and redemption will prevail so long as the person(s) actions, beliefs, and understanding is unwavering in the face of such life challenges ahead of them. Please remember, humans have the ability to learn from their own mistakes, and by encouraging this, will aide a better possibility for our future. Kim Kwang Soo knows what he's doing by talking things out with Chris Brown first, before making a decision on this. T-ara probably has a mutual respect and understanding on how well Chris Brown is trying to improve himself, and learning from his mistakes, which could help them out. There's also that possibility that Chris Brown could help T-ara in working with other artists too, like Rihanna. We all just have to wait and see what will happen next.

If this collaboration does happen, I believe it'll work more in favor of T-ara and possibly improve a little bit on Chris Brown.

Please note that Psychology and Physics are 2 different fields of study. If both were one in the same field and were true, there will be way more wars throughout our history and justify any unwarranted hatred as a just cause to murder someone, even if that person was simply ugly or made an idiotic comment. -_-

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Hmm, where to start...

1. To my best of knowledge, and heard from SSF forums itself, the album is believed to be out this year and actual work on it started this year too, at the latest (or last year at the earliest). I could easily apply for T-ara, but they're at a much sore disadvantage compared to SNSD from the get-go, with no fluency in English in any of the members here. Nor is CCM even anywhere adept, connected, influential or even competent business-wise to SM.

2. Contacts - the same can exactly apply to Korea's music industry as well. This is a very well-known fact, with idols and their agencies constantly kissing up to the asses of broadcast companies, PDs, drama production companies, CF companies and hell, the list goes on and on and 'darker' along the way. I don't see how Chris Brown featuring in some song of N4 is going to actually boost up their popularity in the US - marginally? Perhaps so, people may give them some degree of attention. But as rising super stars? Hell no. There is absolutely nothing that guarantees this. Considering this is CCM we're talking about, not to mention the lack of any real details regarding Dani-Chris Brown relations, the whole affair does not even make much sense to begin with.

Who in America is actually going to care about a group of 4 Korean women hanging around with Chris Brown? Chances are, most people on first glance are probably going to think "Oh, looks like Brown got hooked up with 4 Asian girls from China" or something along those lines.

Regardless, people are going to find out about it if N4 continues to stay. I don't see how you're even generalizing the attitudes of people of a country with a population of over 300 million. As far as I'm concerned, working with someone with a very well-known record of domestic abuse and violence is an immoral disgrace and anything that's done to condone it, is simply put, unacceptable. That's like asking a cop to work with an active serial killer to hunt down another serial killer. It's not cool at all. They're basically working with a damn nutter who should have gone to prison, for crying out loud. Hell, even T-ara themselves didn't know until articles were released to the media.

Now, if they were collaborating with those with a clean record, such as Linkin Park, Jason Mraz and the such, then no complaints. But with one with a criminal record? Even if people in the US don't give much of a flying hell about it, morally, it's still unacceptable and tarnishes the group's image even further down the drain.

3. Regarding JWD and what you said regarding their activities, this merely proves my point and prediction from roughly a month ago or so, that JWD isn't going to perform very well in the charts. It was a given from the get-go and it's not merely the Korean public that is the issue. It's CCM. The two CANNOT co-exist peacefully and I think plenty of evidence that backs this up exists even with a simple Google search. So long as CCM continues to media-play the group aka feed the netizens, it's only going to deteriorate things for T-ara further and further and continues to drive down any attempt of redemption to 0%. Activities in the US are not going to make up for this in the long run and whatever hopes the fandom has of N4 hitting it big in the United States is at best, is wishful thinking. CCM cannot sustain such a thing at all and let's be frank - even though America has its own share of less-than-talented stars, N4 isn't exactly that talented as a group either, if not even below. T-ara's lives have consistently been among the weakest of idol groups and N4's JWD lives showed zero improvement of this.

If anything, the group should have stayed in Japan where they had any real degree of success, even though they're not widely popular in Japan to begin with. Playing safe and playing morally, to put it simply. I'll admit I'm pessimistic as hell, but I still stand by my opinion that there isn't going to be any real significant success for N4 in America, working with a criminal is absolutely unacceptable and should not be overlooked or condoned in any single way and that at best, CCM is grasping at straws with no real major plan in sight for this entire thing or more busy with making itself look like some splendid perfection of a K-pop agency like it always does.

This is KKS's own selfish delusional greed and unrealistic dreams playing here. Not something what N4 would have wanted nor even honestly shown what they wanted. They didn't even know jack about it until they saw articles about it in the Internet, so he basically forced them to work in the US and indirectly, fans are also condoning such a decision whether they realize it or not.

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I was going to post something, then I realized you pretty much made my points already. Spot on post, especially the part about no one in the US caring about the scandal lmao


For anyone curious, the physical mini-album on Hanteo debuted at number 2 with about 3500 sold, then rose to number 1 the next day. Apparently, the Gaon numbers are always bigger (total physical album sales for May should be revealed early next month).

So even if it sells half of Mirage and ends up with about 20k in physical sales, that's not a bomb. It's less than what they used to achieve, but I feel everyone and their dog figured this would happen, even if they hoped otherwise.

So that, coupled with their recent TV appearances (which all finished without any significant backlash), upcoming TV gigs, and even Boram in a new CF, even if it's all tiny compared to what they used to have, it's pretty much a certainty that CCM won't view this comeback as a failure, regardless of the opinions of fans and antis.

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