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[13.06.09] Video - Daily T-ara - QBS - Osaka


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As I said, I love the show but It seems that Soyeon is the main vocal and leader still because she's the only one that can speak Japanese fluently... Qri didn't say much in this episode, she's still replacing words with her beautiful smile :) Boram kinda does the same, just with more hand gestures :) Basically their Japanese didn't improve since Bunny style tour. Kinda sad, but understandable, that tour wasn't too long ago and Japanese is difficult language to learn. Also some are saying that these 3 girls had a month long vacation while N4 was promoting so yeah even less time to learn something new... At least they seem to be enjoying this tour, and it isn't a long one so they prob won't get too tired.

Anyway can't wait for English subs and the next episode!

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