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[CAPS] Jiyeon in the "Painkillers" music video (06/10)


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great acting!!! she portraited very well the despair of a broken-hearted girl...i was like 'OMG what the hell is she doing' and 'this girl is crazy' but it just proved Jiyeon nailed it. the last pic is like taken out from a horror movie...hehe.

the damn thing is....she's so beautiful even when she cries...and gets crazy

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i like this caps.

jiyeon is really pretty and good.

seeing the MV, reminds me of jiyeons acting in her different shows but this is the other side of her.

i miss seeing her in a drama, i hope she will have soon. :))

and the song is really good.

making ballad songs is the specialty of CCM. :))

CCM family, fighting!!! :D

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Painkiller MV reminded me of my first love and the character is my image in the past. I used to take anti-anxiety to get me sleep because I missed my ex-lover so much, I couldn't stop thinking of him, therefore I was insomniac for a long time. Breaking up with the one you love is really painful. I never forget that feeling.

This MV is so meaningful. So Yoen's voice and Ji Yeon's acting is perfect combination.

I cry.

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Jiyeon is awesome ~

Although I am 11 and have not fallen in love yet,I can totally feel how much Jiyeon is going through in the MV.

Almost cried,Jiyeon makes me feel the sadness..

She is an awesome actress ~ Hope that she can act again soon,that's her dream of being an actress.

If I could,I would become a director and fulfil her dreams.I am still young :P

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