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[COVERS] T-ara Treasure Box Pearl, Sapphire & Diamond Edition (07/16)


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YEAAAYY! ITS FINALLY OUT! Gonna get all three of them for sure...hehe just like the jewelry boxes...really love those boxes are they have premium packaging and more stuff compared to all their other album series! Jewelry boxes were truly awesome!

But they definitely cost a bomb! But it is worth every penny!

Can't wait to get my hands on them!! >.< Hopes to be one of the first few to get it~ XD

Proud to be Queen's! ^O^

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Thank you so much for posting the album covers! My favorite cover is the Pearl edition as I feel that the concept was executed the best due to the set and outfits, closely followed by the Diamond edition. To be honest, I'm quite disappointed in the Sapphire edition's cover in comparison to the other editions (which is the edition I preordered), however, I don't base my purchases around covers and I'm just happy to be getting the album!

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Nose bleed. *o*

They are all absolutely beautiful and perfect! I'm confused now. Which edition should I buy? :s

Btw, what is different between the DVD in Diamond edition and Sapphire edition?

Diamond will have Daily T-ara Director's Cut version while Sapphire has 5 music videos. (Check out details here: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/topic/25032-pre-order-t-aras-2nd-japanese-album-treasure-box-on-yesasia/)

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Just noticed that Sso has the same 45-degree head tilt in all the covers ...it is a scientific fact that a 45 degree head tilt is the optimum number to bring awesomeness in any pose :D

Sapphire isn't really piraty, but I like it nevertheless :)

It's actually quite piraty if you see the wanted sign, well anime pirates anyway..

chopper-wanted.jpg ...wonder if Boram, came out with the pirate concept? :D

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