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[SPAZZ] How big is your T-ara collection? Share and show us your T-ara collection now!

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My friend won *_* waaaaa come to poland 2-3weeks uhh *_* but I'm happy :D waaaaaahttp://page10.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/m117629503

Good news. Hope your friend enjoys the book...it's definitely the best photobook....although I wish this edition had included hwayoung like the best of best album. I feel like we are missing out on other nice group photo...

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^ ohgawd you bought the Hyomdot photobook!! and it looks so awesome! I really want one!! T^T
I wouldn't mind if you resell one of them to me :P hahaha just joking...
anyways, I'm thinking on buying their 'Again' mini-album.. hopefuly I'll have some pics to post here too :lol:

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this is my T-ara collection, I been collecting since Roly Poly era! how bout you guys?


That's must have been so expensive..I wonder if any of the members have seen this, such dedication to the fandom, wow.

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The 3 "I don't s"

I don't work so I use my own allowance to buy stuff.

I don't have a camera right now and my phone is confiscated -.-" so I'll put up the pictures another day.

I don't have much T-ara stuff T.T


T-ara iPhone button stickers

T-ara cup

T-ara keychain


I'll work when I reach 20 which is 9 years from now...=.="

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I really enjoy this section so much! It always puts a smile on my face when I see all these Collections.....just incredible!!!

I'm slowly rebuilding my Collection back up.

If it wasn't for dishonest a Fan stealing from us....I would have gotten more CD's!!! >_<

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