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[PICS] Qri's Letter to Japanese Fans (11/01)


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She's such a cutie, her handwriting is as cute as she is.

Here's what I can make out from what she wrote (please feel free to correct me as my Japanese is quite limited):

Hello Everyone!

This is T-ara's leader Qri.

Are you all doing well?

We are doing just fine.

A month has already passed since the end of our 2013 Japan Tour.

Thank you very very much.

We've been busy with our activities in Korea lately.

Though they're tiring, but seeing support from the fans gives us energy.

So we work harder to repay for the fans' support.

Everyone in Japan, I wish we could see you soon.

We thank you for your love.

We thank you for your support.

Please continue to love and support us.

P.S. It's getting cold so please take care and don't catch a cold.

Signed Qri (I'm guessing it's her signature in Korean)

Please excuse my poor translation. I apologize if there are any errors.

Once again it's just too cute to write a letter like this.

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