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[SPAZZ] (131202) 3PM KST "나 어떡해" Livestream spazz thread!

Guest Phailinator

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Guest Phailinator

Camera switching has been initiated.

all the "하나 둘 하나 둘 하나 둘 마익 테스트" lol

"We'll play the MV in 5 minutes"


티아라 화이팅

(this has turned into a me-only spazz thread ㅜㅜ)

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Guest Phailinator

Wow... so I know I'm supposed to type at least 10 words for a valid post but ... durr......

that's where quotes help C:


Congratulations on your face Dino.

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Thought stream commencing:

1. Eunjung is just... wow!

2. Jiyeon biased queens have passed out by now.

3. It's about time Qri got mroe camera time.

4. Hyomin as expected is amazing.

5. Lol @ Boram & Soyeon BTS (Soyeon climbs up to the fire escape and Boram says "Oh Juliet!"

6. Wow T-ARA is back and better than ever!

7. I should just give CCM my PayPal password at this point so they can take all my money.

8. Aish... I failed to capture the broadcast stream so gifs will be delayed.

9. ♥♥ Eunjung! ♥♥

10. Is priority shipping worth the cost? The alternative is waiting 10-14 days for shipment so yes!

11. HaHA! Everyone's USB device makes the same sound when ejected!

12. Watching them sit during dead air time is still entertaining.

13. Ow feedback!

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Guest Phailinator

Jiyeon biased queens are still breathing. Barely. Everyone seems to have more screen time which is weird amazing. I cannot express my feelings except


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It was shorter than I expected, or maybe I just wish it never ends. XD

Was that really 9 minutes though? It doesn't seem like the full musical version, maybe it's the cut version or something?

Thoughts while watching this:

1. HELL YEAH, that dude gets on with Qri not Jiyeon.

2. I literally can't take my eyes off Hyomin even though I am Jiyeon biased.

3. Qri & Boram never looks so good!

4. I keep waiting to see Jiyeon teary eyes, didn't happen though.

5. That song was amaaaaaziiiiing.

6. Who the heck is the old dude sitting beside Jiyeon? I think that's the original sand pebbles singer?

7. Loves Eunjung new looks!

8. Soyeon is so pretty now >.<

9. That's it CCM. shut up and take my money, I'll take everything!

Lastly, they maybe only invite 60 fans but almost 4000 fans worldwide is there!

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I wasn't on time to spazz, but I did manage to catch the broadcast and watched the MV premier.

Oh my word both versions of the song are so precious. I can't believe they (dorkily) retro their dance moves as well.

I'm so proud of our girls. I hope the stay healthy and don't tire themselves out.

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