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[DOWNLOAD] T-error Adventures: Cake Day + Special Giveaway Event!


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Thank you once again everyone! We've noted down all newly mentioned bugs and will begin working on them.

oh! i really want to download this!!!! but i use a mac and i can't download it :(((((

suggestion: maybe you can make it available so that a mac user can download it too :)

We're sorry to say we'll be unable to release this game on Mac. :( We tried our best for a whole month really but in the end it turned out to be too complicated.

We're shifting to a new program though that will make things easier so from now on all future games will be on both Windows and Mac.

Music: Wow, I really like the piano bunny style! I suggest for more T-ARA songs to be played in the background..or what if the user can actually choose what song they would like to hear? lol, just a suggestion.

PS.May I know what software you used in making this? Thank you! :P

To choose your own music is kinda interesting. We'll reserve that idea. :]

We used Adventure Game Studio (however we're shifting to Unity for future games.)

Congratulations on your successful game release! It's so cute I don't know what to do.

But why is Boram sitting on Eunjung's head in the cover art? :P

'Cuz Eunjung's head is cozy.

great game.. :D very cute.. :D I wish it was longer.. ^^ hehehe..

suggestion: could you make this with everyone's POV.. but different adventures.. :D I know it takes a long time to make because I'm a programmer also..

We really thought to make each character playable but we had limited time. Why this first game is more of a test phase. The next game will have all members as playable character and each's play-through will be very unique. ;)

why I can't download this game?? the source link can't open in my browser... just show the white blank screen. please help me!!
i wanna play this game... please... please... please... :( :( :(

admin, do you have another link to download??? my laptop not working with Mega downloader :(:(:(

Try this link! http://www.mediafire.com/download/cbde1b8h3djiiud/T-error%20Adventures%20-%20Cake%20Day.rar

can you guys make another one! :)

We've already started pre-productions of the next game. :D

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that was the cutest thing on earth hehe.. its a good job actually.. its like problem solved games.. i am into that kind of games and then t-ara was in it.. its amazing. i love it. and at the end everybody except boram was like "cake again??" hahaha i love it thanks for this.. i just dont have any idea to gave but u can actually make more game like this but with another storyline..hehe like 'mavin is missing' like in the hello baby tv show.. or qri unnie's socks goes missing haha (u know what i mean rite??kekeke) something like that... lastly..good job..keep doing amazing things like these hehe

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Yeah! This game is great! It improved a lot after the beta, and have many cute details also.

Qri's minigame was a lot bit tough to me, even cheating... (real men only know 8 colors, and pavonated isn't one of them), but other members' minigames was fine and enjoyable.

So, great job and congrat!

Now waiting for a game based on "Target".

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Cutest game ever :3

I was laughing all the time. The pic where Hyomin says "I'm sexy hehe", Qri and her colours, a wild hungry dino inside a laundry machine, Rilakkuma's body made with two spoons, a pillow and toilet paper roll... lmao.

Rambbo stills wants more cake at the end hahaha

I love it ^^

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I can't stop laughing read the dialogues in the game,I enjoyed a LOT playing this game. Playing game with T-ara characters in it was a blessing for me. As a suggestion, you can make all T-ara members to be playable to get more fun. I'm looking forward for the sequel. Thank you for making this game. :)

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as I gamer player I need to say this is probably the cutest game ever I played and I enjoy it so much

my problem was Qri with her make-up omg I tried so many times and I read the comments here and I need only to pick 4 times the same item o__O

another thing is they walk slow but other than that I think everything is fine

I love the music bg and the cartoons are so cute and adorable >.<

thank you so much for this awesome game <3

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I love this game so much I had so much fun playing it! It's such a great game; it helps me relax and makes me laugh a lot also! I really can't wait to play the other games in the series, I bet they'll be just as enjoyable, creative and damn right hilarious as this one is!

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i'm gonna give a little feedback:

~i think you did a good job with the dialogues and facial expressions
~the little easter eggs like jiyeon's drawings let the player know that you know t-ara very well

~the music was really cute, also the piano-bunny style was cool to hear

~models for each member were fitting

all in all i have to say: beside the little glitches (with the doll's head and not being able to go to the kitchen for a little bit), the only thing bad about it is that there isn't more of it ;) very well done!

i didn't expect it, but that was actually a lot of fun!

thank you guys so much for putting in the time <3

i hope there will be more adventures to be had in the future^^

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I have it on rar file.. but it wont convert to use.. I have windows 7 on my laptop..

I dont know why.. I tried to unzip it but sitlll

Same here but it worked fine. rar format is a compressed one like zip. You can use 7-zip to open it and extract the files. You may find 5 files, and T-error.exe would launch the game. Enjoy !

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really late, but i was just bored and remembered this existed.

so i finally figured out how to get this working on Mac via Wineskin wrappers.

don't know why i never bothered doing it earlier, but i'm glad it worked out fine haha. so far, i'm not seeing any problems with the game on Mac.

really enjoying the game so far tho. it's fun and adorable :3

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sorry my comment are too late because  i did found this thread thorough Q&A section,


here my evalution

pros :

1. nice idea ! ( the t-ara poster using real image.and for laptop,when i clicked it,the number 9 MV played it's really surpirsed me (i don't have think how can a real image merged with 2d color)

2. my score for audio are 100 !

3. nice graphic ! (even this game 2d ,but the graphic quality is awesome ! (no blur,nice color,no stretched)

but unfortunately it's only support 1024x768,i prefer 1920x1080)

4. nice genre (solve,search,collecting,fussion,puzzle) !

5. cool opening and credit !


cons :

1. this game speed really slugish,may next time make it for more faster .the left click really horible.i like the movement when right click,it good movement,but work only for character movement. for conversation and animation really sluggish :(


my suggestion for next games

1.use real image (i prefer real image than animation image,i don't know it's possible or not)

2.make it more extensive story.

3.adjust the game speed for more faster.

4.make the cursor change more noticeable if it point a right clue

i can't wait for next diadem games project :v

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