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[14.02.20] Video HD - T-ara 'Lead The Way' MV


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Loving it and not just me but anyone find it cute that Boram's in the bathtub again like in Number 9?

And hmm I generally like these sort of songs too.

Although not hating, just saying, not too fond of the hat that Qri's wearing.

Soyeon's sparkly purple dress seems to actually stick out more than the others in a bad? way? Since no one else has a sparkly outfit. Best would have to hand it to Hyomin's purple dress. Love it!

Ah! Sorry, it's the dude part of me... Near the end, look at that Soyeon cleavage. =X

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Looks like my ears are already too used to them because I haven't found a T-ara song I didn't like.

My thoughts:

1. Yes, seeing Boram in bathtub, AGAIN, really cracks me up. lol

2. I loved Eunjung's outfit most, and she got a sweet ride instead of books.

3. I thought Qri eating a flower is going to be a thing from now on. Glad she drop that, flowers can't be good for your health. :P

4. Thankfully, no books were ripped, or burned during the making of this MV.

Can't wait for the CD release. :D

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Bathtub!Boram might just be my favorite Boram, she looks so adorable. IDK why!

The video was awkward at the group shots where one member sings and the others...stare, but the song more than makes up for it! Soyeon and Eunjung's vocals were great, and thankfully there was no ill-fitted rapping.

I love Princess Qri's hat!

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4. Thankfully, no books were ripped, or burned during the making of this MV.

I saw this in the Number Nine MV:


So I looked up "8 The Whoosh Bone" and discovered it is a page from this book:



If you have to burn a book, burn a crappy book.

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They look so gorgeous as always.

But now, OMG. They so super duper amazing and pretty cool in this MV.

Although it may look like No.9, the concept almost same with No.9, the white curtains look same with No.9, the book. The different of this MV and No.9 is not like in No.9 they appear with a sexy concept but now they appear charming, and thats make my spellbound as always.

By me, overall of the MV is so fantastic and the ballad melody.. >_< Damn, can't say anything, I only can say that all of the CCM's groups is so freaking good in sang a ballad songs.

My experienced after watching this MV

1. Hyomin, OMO.. :blink: as always she looking so freaking pretty cool! AGAIN she make me amazed.

2. Boram in bathtub? It so freaking cute AGAIN.

3. AGAIN Eunjung always appear adorable, theres no MV that Eunjung appear bad.

4. Qri? Like in No.9 she eating flowers AGAIN. lol.. but now she know that flowers just good in outside not inside, eating it not good for you. xD

5. Soyeon, I ran out of words to say to you, but AGAIN your voice is so fantastic.

6. The last, our dino, the best pretty maknae that I know this far. Jiyeon.. AGAIN, AGAIN and AGAIN, why you had so many fans out there? I watched Dead Bell 2 in the morning with my school mate. Although the movie look so scary and sad, but "when I see your face, the movie look so wonderful". lol :lol:

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Loved the song (LSS even when I first heard it)

Boram and the bathtub seems inseperable :D

Soyeon's sparkling purple dress that really stands out..

Qri and flowers :)

Hyomin and her "expressive" eyes *O*

Jiyeon and books~

Eunjung with the vintage Benz

All in all.. loved the song and the MV.. As expected from a Japanese T-ara release..

Can't wait for the album..

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and now.. the author remove the MV from the youtube. lol

Maybe he/she make a mistakes?

But I find another links for the MV

the part where u said that he/she make a mistake is true...

cause they r not supposed to upload it at all..

this is Japan we r talking about...

they DON'T release any MV/PV for free(i mean that they r some, but rarely)...

they have that thing called copyright...

n they r so brutally strict about them..

u want it, you buy it.. ;)

p/s: the PV that were uploaded on internet r taken/recorded from a japanese music program(sort of MTV)...

and i bet all of them r being taken down for the sake of that copyright thingy...

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