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[AD/PROMO] Hyomin for CeCi Magazine April 2014 (03/20) - Updated w/ HQ

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Let me think about it.

I kinda feel like these photos are best as they are right now.

Well you do have a point.

By the time cropping and resizing are done, the image would be probably too small to see <_<

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My initial reaction when I saw the pictures:


Then I noticed there's something wrong with these pictures:

1. Why isn't she on my bed?


2. Why am I not waking up to this every morning?

I'm so sorry Jungie I will only be able to think about Minnie for two consecutive nights.

I will not be able to walk straight for a few weeks, now that these images are in my head.

My wife is gonna kill me... That's okay because Minnie already killed me about 6 times today.

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As always, Hyomin never ceases to amaze me and these latest pics are no different. She looks absolutely amazing! I suppose this is a modelling gig for some lingerie company, right?

While one can't deny how incredibly beautiful Hyomin looks, I do hope that these latest set of pics will not serve to objectify or pigeonhole her as nothing more than being sexy because there is so much more to Hyomin than the sexy image that is attached to her name. Her contributions especially during the early days of T-ara with her showmanship, rapper, singer and for her fashion inputs definitely highlights her other talents.

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