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[SCANS] T-ara Private Book (04/14)


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[sCANS] T-ara Private Book (04/14)

I finally scanned this thing, and now the scans are up here on Diadem, yay~

For the rest of the images: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/gallery/album/2184-t-ara-private-book/





For the rest of the images: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/gallery/album/2184-t-ara-private-book/

CREDIT: Brandinator + tiaradiadem.com

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Bless your kind heart. Bless you sir! Your selfless sacrifice will not go unnoticed. There will be songs sung in your honor.

The girls look so precious.

Soyeon's special talents include: singing, acting, and mimicking Crayon Shin-chan XD
Soyeon's activities during her off-days: shopping and manga reading. Shopping also happened to be her method of stressing relieving.

Eunjung's special talents include: Taekwondo, horseback riding, ballet. OMG is there anything she cannot do? Why am I still finding out new things she can do.
Eunjung recommends Eunjung Mama's Caffene XD.

Boram put down her special talent as "走ること". Does anyone know what this is? Is it speed walking or jogging?

One of Hyomin's hobby is candle collecting.
She recommends T-ara's album as one of the Korean souvenirs to bring home.

Qri's special talents include piano playing and drawing (looking at the sketch she made of her room, I believe her). Why didn't she list bass guitar?

Dino listed Dancing and Taekwondo as her special talent. She should list eating (a lot) as well.
The way Dino drew the layout of her room XD.

Oh I wish I can have this book...

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Thanks so much for your time, effort and sacrifice(quite literally) for all your scans. It's absolutely brilliant. I mean I just can't imagine the amount of time you spent on those scans and to share them with other fans especially in your Minus page. I think I was looking at your Minus page before I was here in Diadem.

Hats off to you! And again, many thanks!

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The girls each drew the layout of their respective rooms, I find it excruciatingly cute:





Boram and Qri could really pass as manga artist already.



Sso even drew the layout of her walk-in closet XD



Minnie’s drawing has real elegance.





Dino’s and Jungie’s drawing…

It’s no wonder why there are so many EunYeon shippers: I see Jungie the second grader and Dino the pre-schooler doodled about their living spaces.

Thanks again to Brandinator for your selfless sacrifice.

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Oh, goody! Look at the quality of those scans...is this treasure island? Did Christmas comes early this year? WHEEEEEEE~ \o/

But dang, RIP to Brandinator's PB . Mine was so protected, I think I only touched it once and not with bare hands. :ph34r:

Hats off to you, Sir. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten. o7

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