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[SCANS] Jiyeon For Arena Magazine - Preview (04/21)


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I love how people in America try to make a career out of teaching young women how to be the "next top model" by inflating their own egos and instructing others in what to do. Then someone like Jiyeon comes along and is a better model naturally than ANY of the ones on the American shows, even the so-called instructors. Natural beauty and grace win out over ego driven arrogance every time.

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The picture of her in lingerie isn't very pleasing... Don't think she needed to take that shot :( Hope that she's comfortable with it... At least it looks really really professional and classy, bringing out her charms and beauty. Wish that CCM or whoever suggested this would stop doing these unnecessary gimmicks to 'sell' Jiyeon's skin. :unsure:

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The picture of her in lingerie isn't very pleasing... Don't think she needed to take that shot :( Hope that she's comfortable with it... At least it looks really really professional and classy, bringing out her charms and beauty. Wish that CCM or whoever suggested this would stop doing these unnecessary gimmicks to 'sell' Jiyeon's skin. :unsure:

Totally in agreement with you in how Jiyeon is being portrayed in these pictures. I'm just a little concern on the whole direction in how they promoting Jiyeon's solo debut. Just by looking at the pictures above, the focus seems not to be on Jiyeon but more on her physical assets. Don't get me wrong. I am not against a bit of sexiness in promoting one's image. But the picture of her in that top clearly shows that the focus is not on her but rather is more on her chest. So, are we promoting Jiyeon the KPop star or Jiyeon's body?

Executives within CCM really need thread carefully on this whole sexy concept. This whole idea of sexualising Jiyeon's image in order to create hype and excitement may just cheapen her solo effort by creating focus and attention in all the wrong areas. Worse still, invite scorn or backlash from haters. Let's recognise Jiyeon for her talents and skills. More importantly, there is no need for Jiyeon produce titillating pictures just to bring in the crowd. And if some art director says you need then maybe they are focusing on the wrong crowd. Since the debut of T-ara, she has done very well by herself to become one of the more popular members in T-ara without resorting to such means to sell herself.

To be fair, this is not Jiyeon's doing. It's the concept that has been decided by the company for her solo debut. I just hope the image goes well with the songs. Hope it all works out well.

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I think people might be overreacting. It's a departure from her "cute" image but there's nothing scandalous happening and "sexy Jiyeon" isn't an entirely new concept.


People don't seem to have many problems with "Jiyeon's sexy back" thread either.

Fans seem ok with this too:

It's certainly nothing on the scale of what Girls' Day, Rainbow or Nine Muses does on a regular basis.

What stands out to me is that the media is interested, reviewers glow about the performance, and near everyone is eagerly anticipating Jiyeon's debut which is nothing short of a fantastic thing for Jiyeon, T-ARA and their fans.

Edit: From the interview it kinda sounds like she wasn't big on showing skin so that makes me feel bad for her but Jiyeon is strong and has a good attitude.

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This is a rough translation of a portion of this Arena Homme article.


Translation credits: @timetoloveee + https://www.facebook.com/JiyeonTaraCutieGirl

Translated article: http://pastebin.com/CUDAbDvz

  1. R (reporter): I took a look at some of your posters before this photo-shoot. Most of them show a look of a teenage-girl smiling.
  2. J (Jiyeon): This is my first time showing some skin in a photo-shoot. I like this concept of dreamy. It feels like something that I want to do before. I like it.
  3. R: A lot of girls have used the image of sexy on TV. Following this concept may just make you appear normal.
  4. J: Sexy can be achieved even without showing off skin. But most guys only feel that it is sexy when they see some skin. Isn’t it?
  5. R: Girls say that it is possible to be sexy without exposing skin. But precisely what does that mean?
  6. J: Yes, Kahi unnie only showed her abs in her previous solo album. It used a concept of gender-neutrality. Abs are sexy and cool. Girls feel that such looks are very cool and sexy. I am the kind who has more females fans. So it is like a guy? It seems like because it has the image that it is big, so females like it more. (no idea what this means to be honest)
  7. R: So Jiyeon solo album can be thought to have a concept of gender-neutrality?
  8. J: How should i say it. To be like Kahi unnie is my personal opinion. But CEO says it is better to have an image that the majority of the public likes. So we are still discussing on it. We have finished recording the songs. The songs are similar to the dreamy concept today. But it has the side which is much bolder (OMGOSH!!)
  9. R: Can you give more details?
  10. J: The album will be released soon. You will know then.
  11. R: There is a trend among girl groups where solo activities are becoming more prevalent and the majority of the solos are often the leaders in the groups. They do not totally venture off the character/image that they have in the group. But they may have better results in their activities and on this point, solo activities are not without its burden.
  12. J: I want to show an image that is different from T-ara but I realise that this is really difficult. Even though it may be to find my own image, the style that I want is not the same as what the company wants. We hold meetings everyday. Actually, the idea of solo activities was also a sudden one. So til now, it does not feel real. (I feel) Very nervous and the burden is very big. However, regardless of who, anyone in a group will have have thought of having a solo. I am just very nervous and excited about this attempt. But I am not looking for solo success, I just want to show that T-ara has not fallen (AHHH.. Unnies were right to pamper you)
  13. R: The public likes artists to be real and they also understand the style and character of an artist, to a certain extent. The public are increasingly demanding for artist to be real and direct. They want to know who the artist really is.
  14. J: To be honest, I don’t have much opportunities to show everyone the real me. Although I have been on many stages, but the chance of participating in variety has been few. Also, the image that people have of my drama characters are strong. So I hope to try this time until I can’t try anymore. (I am guessing she’s trying to say that she will try to show everyone who she really is instead of everyone just knowing her by her drama characters. My personal guess.)
  15. R: So you belong to the personality type who is slightly direct?
  16. J: Very direct.
  17. R: Then why go into acting?
  18. J: Becoming an actress is my dream. I have never thought of being a singer, not even in my dreams. (lol nice) I went into our company and received training. My skills slowly improved and I formed a project group with Davichi after that and debuted as a singer. I was lucky to be able to be a singer and an actress at the same time.
  19. R: Everyone will experience hardships. Some choose to avoid while others choose to confront it directly. Which group do you belong to?
  20. J: Rather than let it be, I choose to resolve it. I belong to the type who will face it to solve it.
  21. R: It is inevitable that one experience difficult matters when entering into the society. Especially on human relationships. To experience it the difficulties of entering into society so early, you must have learnt some lessons(what a nice way of asking abt HY lol)
  22. J: I started when I was very young, hence I never manage to experience some of the things that people my age had and at the same time, I also experienced a lot of things that people my age has never experienced before. Even though it feels difficult even as of right now, it is sometime that has to be done. This is the path that I choose. Rather than feeling tired, I think that it was a good that I made the decision to be on this path at an early stage. I have never regretted choosing to be in this field and I will never regret it. I saw my secondary school friends not long ago and it felt strange. They were talking about the hardships that they were facing at work. I am not able to relate to their feelings. It feels like my age has stopped at high-school and growing up does not feel real. Meeting my friends, I feel that they are no longer young anymore.
  23. R: It must be very lonely at that time.
  24. J: I think a lot then and it was very easy to become blur. I didn’t know what to do when I was lonely. I stayed at home. I didn’t know how to resolve and what should i do?
  25. R: I don’t know as well. Maybe drink lots of coffee and smoke a lot.
  26. J: That can’t be done. It harms the body. But I really don’t know what to do. (Thank goodness our maknae has some sense. Crazy ideas that this reporter has. I would have suggested exercising lol.)
  27. R: Those things that you experience when participating in T-ara activities were indeed difficult to handle.
  28. J: Actually there was nothing that we can do. No, I should say we couldn’t have done much just based on the efforts of the few of us.
  29. R: One will grow up after meeting difficulties. People change after meeting such events. How has you changed?
  30. J: I became matured. After the incident, I started reflecting. I started to rethink on things that I used to think were right. I changed a lot. I understood after the suffering and felt regretful.
  31. R: Since you are an adult now, let’s talk about being an adult. Are you in love?
  32. J: I want to socialise with guys but there isn’t much guys that I can socialise with in my surroundings. And now is also not the time. Too much responsibility and burden, so I don’t have the mood to think of these issues. I will think about this after my solo activities have ended.
  33. R: But you can’t be single forever.
  34. J: Of course I have been in love. But why is it that there are so few guys in my circle?
  35. R: What type of guys do you look for? (listen up guys hahaha)
  36. J: Friendly and kind person. Just being kind is enough.
  37. R: A cold person. That is one of the views that have been related to you. I thought of the reasons for that, is it because you are not familiar when in variety shows?
  38. J: It is totally strange for me in variety shows. I don’t talk much so people often misunderstand. Now it won’t be. Please look forward to it.
  39. R: I got a shock during the photo-shoot. So much ageyo. I was feeling embarassed when you were mimicking a child speaking. But I feel very happy.
  40. J: I am familiar with our working staff and Unnies, so I wasn’t worried. Don’t judge me of being cold because I actually have lots of ageyo. Because I am a maknae. Everyone will be so surprised when they see the real me. Haha.
  41. R: If you let everyone see this side of you during your solo, they will really like it.
  42. J: Yes, I hope everyone likes it.

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Well, I would definitely blame CCM for making such arrangements. I really do hope they could rethink some stuffs, especially when Hyomin's solo debut would come right after. I'm worried that Hyomin's concept would be worse, but I have faith in Hyomin's ability to judge for herself how far should she go. Yes, it might not be as sexy and even slutty as other girl groups but I believe T-ara should maintain their image of 'not-needing-to-bare-so-much-skin-but-yet-be-popular-and-loved'.

On the bright side, Jiyeon did mention in Jingdot's message board that be rest assured that the concept pictures are just 'pictures', and not to worry about her. I'm guessing that the actual performance would be more of her showing her newly-toned abs and maybe sexy dance moves, that's all. Let's just hope that if Jiyeon's solo debut were to be successful, her subsequent albums would not need her to bare so much skin again. And of course, her sisters' solo debuts to be successful too. Don't let our faith waver from decisions made by CCM, T-ara 화이팅!

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Well, they already told us it will be a different image from T-ara and this is different.

This maybe an unpopular opinion, but I see no problem with CCM decision. Hyomin already posed in her underwear too, so this is nothing new.

I never expect Jiyeon to stay all cutesy for her whole career. She is an adult woman now, this much is expected.

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