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[TWITTER] Boram's Twitter Update (05/19)


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요새 마음이 편하지가 않아서 교보문고로 책을사러 갔다가 발견한 4권의 책.나는 책을1권 읽기시작하면 기본 하루는 꼬박넘기는걸..오늘은 그자리에 앉아서 2권이나 읽었다.다리는좀아팠지만 눈치안보이고 참 좋았다.

Credit: Boram's Twitter + Zelo + tiaradiadem

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[TRANS] 4 books that I stumbled on as I went to Kyobo Book Center since I’ve been feeling uneasy lately. When I started reading the first book the feeling lasted for the whole day..Today I took a seat and read two books. My legs hurt a little but I didn’t even notice that and just enjoyed it a lot.

credit: @_transbot

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