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[14.06.23] Video HD - Jiyeon CUT (Cameo) in MBC Triangle EP 15


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[14.06.23] Video HD - Jiyeon CUT (Cameo) in MBC Triangle EP 15

I just stumbled upon this link from the same guy that uploaded T-ara's performance at the World Cup Support!

She's so adorable... And her acting still as good as always, even though it's a short 1 min clip.


Official MBC video:


Credit: MBC + Jiyeon + 약지 + MBCdrama + tiaradiadem + vancew90

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That cameo was "sneaky". :lol: No announcement whatsoever. I know cameos aren't really such a big thing (most of the time). But then, Jiyeon had such a long hiatus in the small screen (dramas), it's a wonderful surprise. I have to say smart move. No fuss, no noise. Who knows, it may be the start of something bigger (really hoping for it).

PS: it is the first role I recall of Jiyeon NOT playing a student (correct me if I'm wrong). :)

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when I heard that Jiyeon was acting again I felt nothing can ever get better(but of course it will)

I was so happy!!! Can't wait for more of this to happen!

Seeing Jiyeon's hair style it seems to be recorded yesterday before the word cup cheering...

I just found a chinese sub for this, so for fellow Queen's who's urgent for eng sub here's one I just made quickly

Man 1: I’m a little late
Man 2:No problem we just got here to
Man 1:Please take a seat, Long time no see
JY: How have you been?

JY: It has already been two years since we last meet in Las Vegas,
JY: I doesn’t seem like your in good mood.
SW: Mm
JY: Why?
SW: Because, I don’t know the reason for meeting you at this moment
JY: Your bad temper is still the same. I will give you the reason, don’t worry. Let’s have a cup of coffee.

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I would say that this is probably a good sign for Jiyeon, even though this might just be a cameo for now, I believe she might have something soon. Really hoping that she'll get another drama soon, wouldn't hope for a movie because that would mean just a short 1-2 hours of her :lol:

its a good start for Jiyeon...I hope this will be a kickstart for her acting career in the nearest future!!!!

speaking of drama....what happened to the movie which was offered to Eunjung?

I'm not sure about that but no news for now I guess. Keeping fingers crossed because every bit of media exposure offered to our girls would accumulate to mean a lot to the them.

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