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Regarding User Account Issues


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We've been working on integrating our Portal user data with the Forums so it works together.
Unfortunately, we accumulated a lot of spam user accounts in our Portal and decided on deleting them in order to make the user integration work better as we've had some issues with them while testing.
Because of our inexperience with the the integration, user accounts from the Forums that were likely linked with the Portal were deleted among the spam accounts.
If your account doesn't work, it might have been deleted.
Fortunately, your posts are still on the forum but we have to re-link them from your old account to your new one.
Please remake your account with the SAME name and fill out the form below:

Old Username:
New Username:
Link to any one of your posts: (click the number on the top right corner of your post)
Donor: Yes/No
Reputation Points: (provide an estimate if you can't recall the exact amount)
Join Date: (provide an estimate if you can't recall the exact date)
Please continue regularly using your new account as we work to recover all your posts. Avatars, signatures and settings will have to be re-added and adjusted.
For any PMs you have lost, if the person you were conversing with is unaffected by these recent happenings, they will still posses the PMs with them (unless they deleted them already.)
We are deeply sorry for this inconvenience.

In addition, if your account isn't deleted but you have been locked out of it, delete your browser's cache and attempt to log in again.
If there are any further problems, please send a tweet to @craZy18gurl.
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Old Username (Name you login with): JsDJssMrtnz
New User Name: JsDJssMrtnz
Donor: Yes/No: yes
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Old Username (Name you login with): mcalma39

New User Name: mcalma39

Donor: No

Reputation Points: 78


I changed my nickname to parkryulee not more than a week(?) three days ago.

My original nickname was "I♥JiYeon(mcalma)" (link to one of my posts)

I'm also a subber.


I found my exact value of Reputation Points via Google search LOL

Edited by craZy
Wow, lol. Done.
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My account hasnt been deleted but as soon as I log out, I cant get back in. I cant create a new account with the same name. Right now im on my phone because I can't get in with my laptop

Try deleting the cache from your computer first. That has worked before.

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My acc hasn't been deleted I believe (I cant create new acc with current username/email address), but I cant log in. Tried the 'forgot password' option, no luck.

My username here is xkumakox


Please delete your cache and attempt to log in once more.

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