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[14.08.19] T-ara to stay away from sexy concepts with an authentic EDM comeback song on September 11th!


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Well, when i look at this the first time on Twitter, i though someone photoshoped it with pictures on magazine. :P

But actually it looks amazing (But Qri outfit seems so weird :P)

-- actually, whenever I look at Qri in this picture .. she reminds me of her image back in the past .. around 2009 - 2010, I think ? I dunno .. some of them look like they become younger while others have matured beautifully. If anything, it's Soyeon's that took me by surprise. I actually thought it was a new member they forgot to mention. LOL, either way RamBo looks sexy here .. even though I know they're trying to get away from that concept [just for this comeback, I guess].

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