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[GUIDE] Instructions for getting into music shows

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Hello fellow Queens'

There has been a lot of questions directed to me in regards to attending music shows for T-ara in Korea.
So I'm here to answer your needs.
Requirements for all music shows are the same unless they are concerts.
(e.g. SBS The Show that usually records a concert instead for which you will require to get a ticket instead)

There are 5 important things that you must have, and to each I will try my best to guide you on getting it.
First and foremost, Queens' membership card.
Secondly, signing up for the event on daum cafe.
Thirdly, album
Fourthly, MP3.
Fifth, Ringtone.
If you have all 5 items, then good for you, you will be ranked cat 1.
And for each missing item, your category will drop.

Queens' membership card, will be given to members who have paid to be on the daum cafe.
(Registration is already closed so your only option is to wait till next year or ... )
DO NOTE, for those members that have yet to receive their cards, you must print out the receipt/ notification page, that indicate that you have paid to be a member.

Signing up for an event on the daum cafe, DOES NOT REQUIRE YOU to have a QUEENS' membership card. You will just need a daum account which can be easily obtain via these few easy steps here.
One/few days before the event, the registration for the event will opened up. All you need to do is to follow the instructions fill in the particulars as accordingly, and lock your posts and you're considered signed up.

Album is by far the easiest step, whereby you will just need to purchase an album of the current song that they are promoting. Assuming the album that they are promoting is currently unavailable, then you must bring the album they were promoting previously unless stated otherwise whilst signing up for the event on daum cafe.

MP3 is slightly difficult as you will need a credit card to purchase the song on iTunes. Assuming the song is not available on iTunes, then you will require a Korean to help you purchase a song on the music sites, notably Soribada or Melon. ( What i did was to get my hostel owner to help me purchase the song on my behalf instead ) After buying the song, make sure you PRINT out the screen capture of your receipt. You MUST PRINT it out ( i.e. No showing of the image on your tablet/phone)

Ringtone will be the most difficult of them all. There are two ways of getting it. The official way is to get a ringtone via the music sites and then send it to your phone, however this means that the buyer will have to send you the ringtone ( Since music sites requires a Korean ID, it will be be difficult for us to sign up for an account there. )

. Now the other unofficial method is to make your own ringtone, which is highly unrecommended, because i'm not sure of any repercussions. What they usually want to see is a ringtone with 30secs and the album jacket on the ringtone. I.E. they will ask you to play the ringtone on your mobile phone; the display should have the album jacket as the image and the ringtone should be 30 seconds long. Hence for those going during the comeback week, it's recommended you bring your laptop along so as to be able to make your own ringtone at your own convenience.

I will be explaining how the categories work now.
As mention earlier, without an item, you will drop to a lower category.
So even if you may arrive very early to the address of the music show, but if you're missing one item and the next person in line has more items than you, he/she will be placed ahead of you instead. Upon arrival at the timing indicated for the event on daum cafe, the fan managers will then request you to take out all the necessary materials. Obviously, those that arrive early will get priority first. So for example, one that has all the items and is the first to arrive will be marked 1-1, and the second in line will be marked 1-2. Hence, there's a first come first serve basis involve as well.
( 1-1 is usually impossible to get as there are some REALLY REALLY PASSIONATE fans that will queue really early)

The fan staff/manager will mark on your wrist or on a paper of your choosing, to indicate what category you're in.
After you're marked, stick around the area for a bit to see what else the fan manager have to say, then after which, you can go for a toilet break after he/she is done aligning the rest of the fans.

Please don't make a fuss over small issues, such as you've queued for a long time but can't get in due to the number of tickets given blah blah blah, because ultimately, you're in another country and it will be wise to put on your best behavior as a fan. You do not want to give them a bad impression that you're a black sheep. The fan staff/ managers as far as I know are pretty nice, so long as you don't piss them off.

There are times where by the number of tickets given by music shows to the fan managers will not be enough to let all the fans in. Hence, it will be best if you get the highest possible category to guarantee your seat.

Locations of music shows and timing to be there will be indicated on the event page of their daum cafe and you can google how to find the place with not much of an issue.

Last but not least, enjoy the show and cheer loudly for your idols whenever they come on.

If there's any questions, you can leave your queries on this thread or tweet me @CornOppa instead. My advice is to do both since I won't come to TD often and that other folks here may have the answer for you as well. If I don't reply to you on twitter either, pester the hell out of me, because I'm too lazy to respond sometimes.

There's a first for everything, so I hope I help you guys enough to make your first trip to Korea enjoyable. 뿡뿡!

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