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[14.09.10] Video HD - T-ARA[티아라] "SUGAR FREE"[슈가프리] M/V

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I like it. MV not so much since it's fast paced and kinda confusing.. but hey, to me music is the most important thing :) I could say they sang well following to the beat of the song, although i wish they didn't distort their own voice during their own parts (except for Soyeon).. i prefere their own voice. but i guess rapping tend to do that. although Boram's voice was reconizable. I couldn't recognize Eunjung's and Jiyeon's parts


The bass at first reminded me of Number 9 at first, but when the beat drops, it's own identity is shown :) sorry if i'm not making sense :D the pace of the song doesn't sound so bad, it's not too fast for me. although looking at the chereography, it kinda look aggressive except during the sugar-sprinkling part. Hopefully our girls won't tire themselves out easily


Overall, it's banging and i cannot wait to hear the other songs in the album. Despite the few flaws (imo), Sugar Free has pushed Roly Poly down to the second spot on my favourite T-ara songs.

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