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Pre-Order: Get your own #SUGARFREE Tumblers from our recent food support!


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This product is already sold out.




I'm sure most of you have heard of our recent food support for T-ara's SUGAR FREE comeback. You should have noticed as well, that part of our food package for the staff and T-ara members includes a custom-made SUGAR FREE tumbler! (You can see Jiyeon flaunting the tumblers on the proof shot she and CCM uploaded on the 23rd).

We're proud to announce, that as part of Diadem's first merchandise run, we'll be selling some of these tumblers so you can have your own SUGAR FREE tumbler like the T-ara members do!

We're offering a pre-order for these babies until October 9th 2014 EST. So please read on for more information!



PRICE: $20.00 US
SHIPPING (Worldwide): $5.00 US
Pre-order runs until Thursday, October 9th, 2014

PAY AT: merch@tiaradiadem.com


Please make sure to pay all fees when sending your payment through PayPal.

If we receive payments with deductions, we will promptly refund you so you can re-send your payment.


If you're not being given the option to pay the fees, please send $26.06 US to merch@tiaradiadem.com in order for us to receive the full amount.

The tumbler will be manufactured and shipped straight from South Korea.


When sending your payment, please add a note including the following information so we can keep track of your order:

Receiver's Name / Quantity / Address / Contact Number


Please be advised that we will be replying-to and contacting the e-mail address you send your payment with. If you use multiple e-mail accounts regularly, make sure to check your PayPal e-mail so that we can get in touch with you regarding your pre-order.


Thank you, guys! Please show a lot of support for these tumblers!

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