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[14.09.29] Info - Girl's Day Hyeri talks about her friendship with Jiyeon


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[14.09.29] Info - Girl's Day Hyeri talks about her friendship with Jiyeon




Girl’s Day Hyeri and Jiyeon share the lead MC role on SBS MTV’s The Show, but they’re not just co-workers – they’re close friends too!


Hyeri was interviewed by The Mute on the 29th of September and she talked about her friendship with Jiyeon.


Hyeri said, “I’m very close with Jiyeon unnie. We’re only one year apart and we share the same blood type. Our birthdays, too, are just two days apart. We also have this one anecdote. I transferred to a new high school when I debuted, back then I inherited Jiyeon unnie’s uniform. Jiyeon unnie is good to me. Since Jiyeon unnie has experience as an MC, I can just tag along.”


Jiyeon and Hyeri have been co-MCs on The Show since June 4th and the fourth season of the show begins on October 28th. They will be joined by a new male MC host yet to be announced.



Source: http://themute.kr/interview/articles/241

Translations by: Transbot @ Tumblr - http://t-arazone.tumblr.com/post/98716434953/unni-could-you-translate-what-hyeri-said-about-jiyeon

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