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[SPAZZ] Your Own Female Santa In T-ara


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Hey there, Queens, as we gear up for the holiday season and also as the weather gets colder, I absolutely want to know which one of the six T-ara members do you want to be your own Santa this holiday season.  And also, what kind of gifts your bias want to bring you.  So go ahead and share your thoughts with all of us

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Omo, omo... we're not talking about naughty Ms. Claus here, I hope? Well, I can't decide between Hyomin-oppar or Qri. Ottokhae? TT ^ TT

I want them to bring me...a smile! Yes, I don't need anything. Just seeing my santa's smile is enough to make me happy for a year (Or if they want to bring me a PS 4, who am I to refuse?) Lol

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this question its like choose dad or mom

it just two choice,


but for this case,

the choice is 6

3x more hard :v


my choice is jiyeon <3

and for the gift

i would like to receive food made by jiyeon,big album jiyeon photo collection ^^ and one of her perfomance costume,so i can give it to my sister haha

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I want all of them to be my Santa~ <3
Imagine, 6 pretty girls will come to my house... that would be really great!

A T-ARA album or any merchandise with their sign as a gift would be cool~
I also want them to hug me tight and kiss me on the cheek with a picture of course for souvenir purpose hihihi! :wub: 

But if would only pick one member, of course I'll choose my bias... Park Jiyeon!
Spending a day with her would be nice~ ^_^

T-ARA for Christmas Day would be a best gift ever! I hope I could spend my Christmas with them~ :(

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