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Updates on the 5th Anniversary T-ara Forest Construction Project


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Group 4

Hi guys!

Last night, I received an update from our Friends in Korea and TreePlanet regarding the construction details of the Forest we sponsored to be built in commemoration of T-ara's 5th Debut Anniversary.

In our previous update, we've said that the construction will be underway during the Autumn and is set to open for public use by the end of 2014. However, there's been amendments made to the contract and there will be some changes. The full details of the construction plan are outlined as follows:


The forest will now be located near KBS, right above the National Assembly Station in Seoul (as opposed to beside the MNet Complex). The contract drafted for the previous location (around the Digital Media Station) was denied so we were directed to a different place instead. The map above shows the area where our forest will be built.

T-ara Forest Plans

Above, you'll see a flat diagram of the plan we have in store for the T-ara Forest. We've included translations to the different plants, flowers, and trees that will be living inside our forest. Plant/tree names without translations are those that we couldn't find English translations to. You can refer to how each plant looks like below (so you can better visualize the forest):

The construction will start this month (November 2014). We can expect to see the forest fully built by the end of the year or early 2015. When the forest opens to the public, there will be signs around the forest to let visitors know that it was built in celebration of T-ara's 5th Anniversary. Moreover, visitors will know that the forest was fully sponsored to be built by T-ara's fans. TreePlanet is in the process of building the official webpage to go along with the forest. Visitors are able to scan a QR code to view more information about the Forest. This includes all the people and/or websites that teamed up to make the forest happen.

We will continue to post updates on the forest as we receive them. We would like to thank all our donors and all the QUEEN's that participated, donated, and actively spread the word about our forest project. To recap, we successfully raised almost $9,000.00 with our friends at T-araDotCom, T-ARA6JAPAN, and T-araHK to make this forest come to life; and as you can see from the plan, all the money we've collected are being put towards a great cause!

If you have any questions regarding the details posted above, please send them over at the comments below. We will try our best to answer your questions.

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