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[IG] Eunjung's Instagram Update (11/15)


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It was supposed to be on the 6th and we were truly disappointed that it did not happen. However with the confirmation of a MV, all have been forgotten. :)

T-ara's songs excite me and Little Apple will be the same. The original version does wonder and I believe the public will love our version. Like many Queen's, I am looking forward to the day.

The only downside is that it is not done with 6-ara.

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Eunjung posted another two.



수줍게 보이는 나의 #핑크색 #삼선슬리퍼... 각도는 같아도 높이에 따라 달라지는 내 #얼굴 신기하다... #셀카는 재밌다 #이제 자야지 #티아라 #2015년 #캘린더촬영 #촬스타그램 #굿나잇


#셀카봉 못지 않은 내 팔... #여성 스러운 느낌 나네 #웬일이야 #셀스타그램#촬스타그램

Credit: Eunjung's Instagram + red4summer + TiaraDiadem

I still hope there will be surprise. Good night, Eunjung.

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