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[15.03.23] Info - T-ARA is nominated for The Most Popular Singer (YinYueTai The 3rd Vchart Award)

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[15.03.23] Info - T-ARA is nominated for The Most Popular Singer (YinYueTai The 3rd Vchart Award)


The annual awards will be held at Beijing MasterCard Center on 11th April.
Among all awards, there is a voting award for "The Most Popular Singer".
T-ARA has gone through to the 2nd (final) stage of votings.
The voting has just started on 23rd March noon and it will end on 6th April noon.
The eligibility to vote is complex as you will need a YinYueTai account etc.
However you can check out the ranking real-time at the offical site. (Scroll down and click "KOREA".)


T-ARA has been leading since the voting started.

In addition, though YinYueTai has not updated with T-ARA attendance, they have confirmed to T-ARABAR that they are reserving a section for the C-Queen's from T-ARABAR and T-ARACHINA.
Hence there is a high chance that T-ARA will be attending the annual event.
(I will update this post when the officials have announced on their site.)

It has been confirmed that T-ARA will attend the annual award event. Please see below for details.

Credit: YinYueTai + T-ARABAR + red4summer + TiaraDiadem

Update on 150409: The voting has ended.
T-ARA has been voted as the Most Popular Singer (Korean Category).


In addition, T-ARA has been invited to attend the award ceremony which is held on 150411.

Credit: YinYueTai + red4summer + TiaraDiadem

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