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soo swee seng

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It's TiaraDiadem's April Fools Day "tradition". Nothing to be cross about. It would be back to the old T-ara layout once the April 1st bug moves on (and returns next year).

To be honest, previously not too-happy with it as I'm primarily like T-ara only. But reflecting back, it's in the spirit of good humor and jokes. It's not as if it is demeaning or degrades away on the site/forum of being dedicated to T-ara (as the site was founded even before the official debut and if it was an affront to the girls, then this tradition would have been discontinued).

But after all that was said and done, you ain't happy about it, take a break a few more hours/days, it would be back to the forum you know and love. I'm far from saying you should leave or something. Just relax.

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I thought i go to sunny fan-site already, it is ok for yesterday as 1/4, but today sitll like this...... start get annoy already :angry::angry: . Does any one same like me see all sunny pictures and etc....

Because our lovely admin @CraZy likes to do pranks like this, she is a sone so that's why Sunny. ^^ But like the post above me said, it will be gone any time soon, just wait a bit :D
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