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[15.04.14] T-ARA Awards, Statistics and Reviews by YinYueTai


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[15.04.14] T-ARA Awards, Statistics and Reviews by YinYueTai

Top Female Artist - Korea
Jiyeon (T-ARA)



From a T-ARA member to a solo singer, Jiyeon transformed amazingly with "Never Ever" and appealed everyone with "1 Min 1 Sec" performance.
Not only topping the standing, the hit song broke 4 records, and as such, Jiyeon is the undisputed winner for the Best Female Singer Award.

Four Weeks Statistics:
Views 866,274
Views (via external sites) 74,363
Favorites 69,927
Downloads 146,537
Reviews 39,669
Sina Weibo 174,956
Mobile Views 848,958
Mobile Downloads 229,820
Score 93.14

Year Statistics:
Views 1,172,910
Views (via external sites) 120,037
Favorites 75,225
Downloads 186,331
Reviews 55,376
Sina Weibo 233,287
Mobile Views 1,182,514
Mobile Downloads 319,433
Score 93.41

Total Score: 93.23

Hot Trend Artist Of The Year - Korea



In 2014, TARA released a dozen of MVs and ranked in V Chart (Korean) for 48 weeks.
In addition, it broke YinYueTai record as the first MV to hit 100 million views.
This astonishing achievement is the proof of T-ARA popularity and the beginning of their official venture into China.
They will be the next benchmark.

Favorite Artist - Korea



They are the V Chart (Korean) winners and the role model.
Being hardworking and diligent have won them the most popularity.
The total votes of 824,692 represents the great affection from fans.
We hope that they can keep on improving to gain more fans with more music.

Credit: YinYueTai + red4summer + TiaraDiadem

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So proud of our girls! These awards were well deserved and I'm glad they were finally again recognized for their hard work and talent.

This for me proved three things to non T-ARA fans:

1) Their talent is undeniable, haters can bring up the scandal for their reason to dislike T-ARA but they can't dispute their hard work, the quality of their songs or their determination.

2) T-ARA just cranks out good music. 127 million views for Number 9 is proof enough of that fact.

3) Queen's will always support our girls. What we lack in numbers, we make up in passion and dedication to T-ARA.

2015 is only the beginning of good things to come. T-ARA fighting!!

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I want to say something too:

1) T-ARA achieved all these without even releasing a Chinese album in China. If they are to release a Chinese album as expected and are as good as all their previous hits, all things we dare to dream may happen.

2) 127 millions are not a lot but a lot lot. The gap between the first and second places for Korean group is vast. One reason is they sang it in Chinese. They thrilled a lot of Queen's who understand it. If they work hard on the language, 2015 is just the beginning.

3) As for haters, we don't have spare time for them, to be honest.

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It is sad and frustrating that the rest of the world loves these girls so much and at home they are still neglected.  Slowly they are still regaining their status at home with drama appearances and MC duties and even some guest spots on various shows.  I'm disappointed that a country I think so much of has allowed a few jealous youngsters to sully their name.  I can only hope and pray that as the Koreans see the world wide acceptance these girls receive they will start to get the idea that they need to put our girls on the pedestal they deserve to be on.

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totally proud of them. wish t-ara break and create more records in every way, not only music but also drama and movie etc....


last mth, i'm lucky that can watch their live performance in malaysia. that night has malasyia fans, singapore fans, thailand fans and korea fans coming for them and proud to said that most of the audients are t-ara fans.


i'm not a korean neither go to korea before, but from the clips and videos, i know still has korean's queens there to support t-ara, so just keep fighting to all queens


for those antis and haters, they can't be save and sicked already, living in their painful world. use so many times to find news to give bad comments and wish others like them. 

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