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[15.04.16] T-ara's agency MBK Entertainment recieves 80 billion won cosmetic project with Brunei


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T-ara's agency MBK Entertainment recieves 80 billion won cosmetic project with Brunei


T-ara’s agency, MBK Entertainment , has received a 80 billion won mandated project from Global Star Marketing.

On 15th April 2015, a MBK Entertainment representative said that a "Letter of Intent for a Korea-Brunei Cosmetic Collaboration Project was signed. Over the last 9 days, the Brunei Sultan has acknowledged and signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) at the BEDB (Brunei Economic Development Board).”

Furthermore, “Korea-Brunei Collaboration Business was offered by the Brunei Government Minister’s Office BEDB a 16-hectare lot at Brunei Salambigar Industrial Complex. Halal cosmetic products can only be produced in a plant building, which has a 30-year lease that will be given to Korea’s IMK Group to support R&D, labor and local employment costs. State-owned enterprises affiliated with the Brunei Ministry of Finance have investing plans in the next 3 years, 200 million won each and surmounting to 400 million won,” the representative explained.

BEDB and IMK Group have signed an MOU to have MBK Entertainment’s artists T-ara, Son Ho-Jun, Kim Gyuri, Shannon, etc. to be promoters of the Global Star Marketing Project. About 80 billion won for advertising and public relations have been mandated under Global Star Marketing. A comprehensive business cooperation is also currently proceeding.

MBK Entertainment side is scheduled to use Hallyu Star marketing and IMK Group’s cosmetic products technology to explore within the Muslim’s halal blue ocean market.



Source: Naver

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reads article about business in english really difficult to me,

but seems t-ara agency and brunei make joint venture,

built a cosmetic factory in brunei,

and artist under MBK ent such t-ara,shanon, will be the model for commercial advertisement.

is me right?

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There is nothing standing in Our way of Success and Happiness no matter what lies in Our path as long as We stand Together as We Always Have as International Queens!!!

Haters & KNetizens have simplistic minds that neither comprehend nor fathom the Giant of T-ARA❤️ they created with their gossip mongering and spiteful accusations of hate?!? HAHAHAHA! Pabo! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Your a Dedicated Fan and Supporter from Hawaii,


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