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[15.05.16] Eunjung tells us more of her solo, her appearance on 4 Things Show, T-ara and dating

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[15.05.16] Eunjung tells us more of her solo, her appearance on 4 Things Show, T-ara and dating




T-ARA’s Eunjung has made her comeback as a soloist named ‘Elsie’. Just like how unfamiliar the name ‘Elsie’ sounds, Eunjung has armed herself with her own unique colour different from what she has shown as a T-ARA member thus far. Her sometimes lively and sometimes delicate charms have shone through.

On the 13th of May, Eunjung has met with various news outlets at a cafe in Jongno-gu for an interview. She has unfolded her stories in a pleasant and honest manner.

Q.How do you feel about your solo debut?

Eunjung: I received lots of help for the outfits and stage, they turned out more perfect than I expected. For the song, I wish I had sang it better. When I listen to the recorded AR, I keep regretting it thinking ‘I should’ve sang it this way, I should’ve sang it that way’. Regarding my debut, I feel like a rookie debuting with her first solo. It feels like I’m starting from the scratch all over again. As I was preparing for a solo stage with a style different from the one I have in T-ARA, it felt like I had become a rookie. I didn’t even have confidence at first.

Q.Your title track ‘혼자가 편해졌어 (I’m Good)’. You can use its dual meaning for your actual solo debut as well. [T/N: her title literally translate to ‘Being alone has become comfortable’]

Eunjung: It’s ironic. The name of the title track is like that. ‘Being Alone Has Become Comfortable’ is like chanting a spell on myself, but it’s not really that I’ve gotten more comfortable. For me to show a different side to myself as a soloist, it feels like I’m chanting a spell saying “I’m fine even when alone.” However, it’s not really that being alone has become comfortable. I’m nervous and stressed.

Q.What’s different about solo Eunjung.

Eunjung: My image in T-ARA feels very boyish and powerful. As a solo, I wanted to show a more composed and feminine side to me. Actually, I put in mind that many people might not be able to recognise me (if I go for that image), and there were really some who didn’t recognise me. (Laughs).

Q.You had your first stage last week, how were the members’ reactions?

Eunjung: First, for Jiyeon, she’s in China right now so she can’t (watch it) with her mobile phone. She said she wanted to watch it but the video doesn’t play for her so she couldn’t. Hyomin and Boram personally came to watch me, they said I looked very feminine and very very different than when in T-ARA. They said I improved on stage. (Laughs) I think I looked composed.

Q.What is the concept about in Eunjung’s opinion?

Eunjung: I actually did want a feminie concept, but I thought about a somewhat different type of feminine. The staff, composers, and our CEO all said they wished for a composed and feminine concept, so I just listened to them. They preferred a boyish concept last year though..(laughs). But I think they changed their minds after receiving the song. The quality of the songs has been my motive even while in T-ARA, so I think it always changes depending on the song.

Q.The biggest difference about performing solo compared to performing with T-ARA?

Eunjung: It’s fun when performing on stage as six members, (the stage) also looks rich with people. What I worry about when performing alone is the camera transition. The mood changes completely depending on the lyrics, song course, and transition, so I’m trying to fill up the void with that.

Q.Isn’t singing live difficult?

Eunjung: We’ve had solo stages during overseas concerts before, so it’s a part I practiced before. Of course, there are many things to worry about, but it’s fine. Also, since I have a male performer with me. (laughs). I will perform some solo stages [without the male performer] before my promotions are over, that’s when I really have to do well.

Q.What did you worry about the most for this comeback?

Eunjung: Because I came out mysteriously as Elsie, I worried a lot. Having to stick the name ‘Elsie’ next to Jang Hyunseung and Jeon Hyosung, I worried that people might not recognise me.

Q.What do you think your own strong point is?

Eunjung: How my song is a lyrical song that expresses one’s emotions very well is my strong point to me. I’ve always shown those exciting and fun sides to me on music shows, but this time I have to show a composed and emotional side to me which I consider a fine point for me as a solo. The choreography has many dancey parts, also a captivating side… ‘captivating’ coming from my own mouth is a bit. (laughs). I think being able to show those sides of me is my strong point.

Q.Is there any compliment you wish to hear the most?

Eunjung: I’d be very grateful if you tell me that I have shown a completely different charm than when in T-ARA. “What will her next solo concept turn out to be”, showing such curiosities will be good too. It is my goal to release a second solo album with a yet different side to me than this one. Although there’s no plans about it yet.

Q.You’ve had acting experiences as well, did it help you with the choreography?

Eunjung: I was told that the choreography will suit me since I did acting as well. As we were looking for (a choreography) that goes along with the acoustic sound, we’ve come to find one with a story to it. Acting was fun for me as an actress, but having to act on stage is a new challenge for me. Having to act while dancing was difficult at first. I’ve only tried dancing powerfully before, so I had no idea how to express my emotions while using only one hand (in the choreography). But I’ve become more confident after being told that this will be a strength for me.

Q.You gained the nickname ‘Red Pencil Teacher’ in ‘Witch Hunt’.

Eunjung: Actually, when I was on the show I filmed it not with the thought that it’s a TV program. I acted like I was just talking with my friends. However, it appeared like I was an excellent dating master which made me feel embarrassed. (laughs). I don’t think I’m a dating master in real life. Even I will have my judgments clouded and will not know what is what anymore when I date someone. I think I was just able to talk about it because I wasn’t the person directly involved in the situation. Anyone will do the same if they were in my position.

Q.When was the last time you dated?

Eunjung: Early last year. That’s why I teared up when I first listened to ‘I’m Good’. I wasn’t the one who wrote the lyrics, but it’s really good. It feels like you’re the lead in a tragic love story when you part away for no reason. So I really like it when I listen to my song lyrics. Among my acquaintances, the people who experienced breakup all said that they liked the song.

Q.You’re already on your 7th year since debut. How does it feel to look back.

Eunjung: I think only now we are in the position to be making a long-run. I’ve come to feel the importance and necessity that comes from the insignificance of every single thing. In the past I took things for granted. The staff who take care of me, the song, the choreography, I thought they were all naturally needed things to release an album. But it all depends on how each work is carried out, I am learning about such trivial things. The staff whom I pass by everywhere I go, I didn’t think much about them (before). When you get severely scolded and then reflect on yourself, you come to think deeply of so many things. I think that’s how I come to have a new mental attitude.

Q.Do you pay lots of attention to online comments?

Eunjung: I read them a lot. I often do. I read them a lot on a day I feel I’m fine, and refrain from reading them when I feel like I might break down.

Q.Is there any hateful comment you were hurt by the most?

Eunjung: Although I wasn’t hurt by it, but I happened to read the comment “(She’s) like weed”. Strangely, I’ve come to admit it. I automatically nodded my head. Of course, It’s not a colorful flower, but (the comment) wasn’t saying anything wrong. I’ve been persistently and continuously coming out lately, it’s to the point where I wonder ‘am I not appearing (on tv) too often?’ I think it’s a good thing being invited by broadcast stations and getting to appear here and there. Even if I get called a ‘weed’, I still want to attend all places that look for me. I have to go if I get invited. (Laughs)

Q.What helped you the most in hanging in there for the past 7 years?

Eunjung: It might sound pretentious but our fans are what helped the most. Telling myself that I should hang in there is all thanks to the fans. I’m the type to admit (to my mistakes) quickly. I admit quickly, accept it, then focus on what I have to do next. I think of what I have to do next without giving myself a rest, this is my personality. The public might not know that I’ve already acknowledged it, but I still have to work hard while focusing on what I have to do next. I am also relying on the time. When things go against your will, wouldn’t it be better to wait until things naturally get better with time.

Q.T-ARA are actively promoting even in China.

Eunjung: We’re always active. It actually hasn’t been long since we started feeling our populairty in China. We’ve come to realise it better after winning a triple crown in an award ceremony. We felt “Ah so we are popular.” I think we’ll feel it even more during our China concert tour. We’ve held concerts before, but holding a tour has a yet different significance. On a different note, we also want to have another concert in Korea. Because there are fans who watch over us silently, we wish we can hold another domestic concert, we’re fine even with just a small-scale year-end concert.

Q.What do you think is the secret to your popularity in China?

Eunjung: I think it’s our music. I heard that in China people like songs with a melodic line. Also, China is fond of Korea(n music). I heard that Chinese people like the combination of retro and pop and think it’s unique. The members’ TV show appearances and acting, as well, were screened in China, and the power of Hallyu has had a great influence on us as well. ‘Little Apple’, too, was really big.

Q.How long will T-ARA continue.

Eunjung: I don’t think it’s up to us. It’s only possible (for us to continue) if we have fans who love us, but we wish that we always continue as T-ARA even as each of us does the things she wants (on the side). We don’t want to lose the unique colour that T-ARA has. As long as there are fans who love T-ARA, we want to continue promoting for a long long time.

Q.Your latest appearance on ‘4 Things Show’ has become a hot issue.

Eunjung: (It must be because) the part where I cried was shown. I do ask myself, ‘why did I cry back then’ and ‘it would’ve been better if it wasn’t broadcasted’. It was an extra interview after I finished shooting everything so I just talked it out comfortably, but then I unknowingly started tearing up. I think what I said just provoked further misunderstanding so it was upsetting and regretful. I think it’s because of my tears that it was viewed that way even thought it’s not like how it seemed like. I already cried it out so it can’t be helped, but I do question myself for doing it. Only if I knew it’d be viewed that way, I would’ve been more careful. I appeared (on the show) alone and was doing the majority of the talk by myself which made me worry a lot.

Q.Why did you cry.

Eunjung: Rather than anything in particular, it was just that the filming itself was so fun and happy that I started tearing up. Actually, even the writer and director in front of me cried. The room only had girls, and we all cried together. I cried after seeing them cry. I was in the midst of telling them “I’m really happy that I was able to film this so comfortably like this, thank you. Thank you for letting me film this without caring however it turns out, whether (the show) receives hate or not.” They started crying after I told them this, and then I burst into crying as well. Well, I did cry so I have nothing more to say.

Q.Are you the type to cry easily?

Eunjung: I don’t cry easily when I’m sad or when I’m being scolded, I cry when I’m happy. I guess that appeared to be sad. But that was what I really wanted to say. I actually was thinking about it in my head but I didn’t think they’d bring it up. As it was a reality show, we have been going around while chatting and talking with each other for a few days which made me grow comfortable around them*, so I just talked about it naturally. For a moment, I forgot I’m a celebrity and forgot about the cameras. (Laughs)

[T/N: ‘them’ was referring to the director and writer unnies]

Q.Lastly, anything you want to say?

Eunjung: I also want to return to our past (popularity) but I don’t think we can go back easily. I think we might be looked on more favourably than before if we work hard and show a good side to us. We would be content with just this much. After we can be looked on favourably, then, I might want to think of more. We have to show a good side to us to be looked upon favourably though, I think that’s our biggest assignment. I think working hard is more important than anything else.

Note: Eunjung’s answers might have a slightly different wording/phrasing or might be shorter or longer depending on which news site they are quoted from, so you might see different versions of her interview answers online. They’re all correct. :)

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Hey its 'FY! T-ara'..I've visited your website from time to time. Thank you so much for posting this translation on the Diadem Forum also..


PS: Eunjung was dating someone in early 2014?  I know MBK/CCM doesn't ban dating for T-ara members but.. :blink: :blink:

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Sorry but that first photo is killing me!  But seriously it's so good to finally have her speaking out and letting us know what things are like from her side.  She is always showing that beautiful smile that it is easy to forget that she has real life concerns and worries to consider.  I pray for her continued happiness.

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