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[15.07.18] Jiyeon spotted filming for "Sweet Temptations" web-drama

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On July 17th Jiyeon was spotted filming for T-ara's web-drama "Sweet Temptations". Jiyeon was captured at a cafe in a romantic situation with a man just days after she was confirmed to be dating Lee Donggun but no worries because it is just "hard work."

Jiyeon has been filming for T-ara's web-drama that will be released simultaneously in China and Korea in September. The cafe-date that captured Jiyeon in an elegant and charming state is only for Jiyeon's episode of which will be titled "Second Wish" according to the drama staff on Instagram.

[gallery size=medium" columns="2" link="file" ids="3969,3964,3963,3968,3965,3962,3966,3961,3960,3959,3967]

Additionally, the man in the pictures as Jiyeon's love interest is rumored to be actor Seo Joonyoung but not confirmed yet by MBK Entertainment.

Its going to be an exciting few months for T-ara and us fans with a comeback only three weeks away (first week of August) as well as this web-drama release and quite a few upcoming Chinese tour dates!

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