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[15.08.11] T-ara to hold press conference for web-drama on the 13th!

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T-ara will hold the press conference for their very own web-drama called "Sweet Temptation" on the 13th.

The web-drama features six episodes with each episode having a different storyline. Each T-ara member (Qri, Hyomin, Boram, Soyeon, Eunjung, Jiyeon) star alongside a different actor for each edition.

The director of the web-drama is that who directed Jay Park, Beast, and Trouble Maker's music videos: Lee Gibaek.

Previously, Jang Suwon was revealed to be Qri's partner as well as Soyeon to be partner with Lee Joongmoon. The other partners will be Eunjung-Kim Jaewook, Hyomin-Hyunwoo, Jiyeon-Seo Junyoung, and Boram-Kim Shihoo.

Additionally, Seunghee of DIA will be the narrator of the web-drama and ther are appearances from Alex Cho, Kim Jongmin, Kim Minkyo, etc.

The web-drama was produced by MBK Entertainment and SBS MTV and will air in China and Korea in October. The web-drama will premiere at the press conference on the 13th at the Coex Megabox theater.

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