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[15.08.23] Video - KBS A Song For You S4 E6 (T-ARA)


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Watch the video you never know... :D

Anyway can't wait for the KBSworld English subs... Two weeks away!

Nope. based on KBS World schedule, T-ara ep (6th) will be on 9/14 (0:50am KST): http://kbsworld.kbs.co.kr/schedule/weekly_schedule2.php. Currently, they have the show at 13:50pm KST. Oh well, at least we'd be able to watch the Eng subs.

Safe to assume they'd upload the subbed version as KBS World TV (KBS World YT channel) has the preview: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-qmL5htbaek. I'm just hoping its hard subbed (some of their shows, like MuBank, are in soft subs...).

Credits: KBS World (website and Youtube channel)

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