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[EVENT/FANTAKEN] T-ara at MNET Mwave Meet & Greet (09/02)

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[EVENT/FANTAKEN] T-ara at MNET Mwave Meet & Greet (09/02)




6nqCmATd.jpg sKzkVflj.jpg UyNYL0Ps.jpg

xuyJf1Mm.jpg UXFFfWsB.jpg DXjDQNib.jpg MtP8ILzf.jpg cBwYv71S.jpg SpZaXfnj.jpg 7fjXzICF.jpg BbRrPd1I.jpg R3OQpVVw.jpg n4GefMHd.jpg 




JRD6QI0L.jpg 9ohtfGdr.jpg h4l71lIp.jpg

Hul9L7Ct.jpg KhBi4tB4.jpg c4uvE43J.jpg lKZHfvIH.jpg zN6RIj3M.jpg x3Gv8yEU.jpg d1RiyVZm.jpg wIzm6num.jpg Ir1c2fLG.jpg opNvlzmJ.jpg ESMN6wCf.jpg


HQ Fantakens


mPZkfIQL.jpg JrGnMZkP.jpg


cr. duoryan@twitter + hahmkkai@twitter + eunzzang@twitter + rokei@twitter + hyominidot@twitter + windboy0709@twitter + ramgemi@twitter + _hamsans@twitter + JiyeonHolic1100 + tiaradiadem

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yesterday eunjung look like big sister along with members. she is quite stable and does proper arrangement in mc work. just too bad ' meet and greet ' only has 1hour, not enough time to read the online message in the program.


and boram's outfit is totally good.


Recently in either interview or variety show, mc will strongly highlight that t-ara are very hot or top popular in china, some will even has some small interactive for t-ara and c-queen's,  I'm very seldom to look other idols news and variety show, other's idols will do that also?  

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