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[15.09.11] Jiyeon's brother Hyojoon undergoes liver transplant for critically ill father

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Such touching news are known only after it happened.

T-ara girl group member, Jiyeon's brother, Park Hyojoon, underwent liver donation for their critically ill father who was suffering from a life-threatening condition of liver cirrhosis.

A media source on the 10th said that Park Hyojoon completed the liver donation transplant to his father in May and resumed his duty after that.

The news was learnt from the military newspapers published in May. At that time, Park Hyojoon, who was serving in the land army unit 6 77 troops, donated 70% of his liver to his critically ill father. His father's condition was life-threatening if he didn't undergo liver transplant and upon successful matching, he underwent the major surgery.

As the news of "Park Hyojoon soldier" spread, no one knew that this soldier was the brother of Jiyeon.

Close source of Hyojoon told OSEN that "it was a difficult situation when they couldn't find a suitable match for the transplant."  His father strongly objected to receiving the liver from his son who had a bright future. Hence, Hyojoon underwent the surgery in the capacity of a "stranger" and his father knew of it only after the surgery ended. It was such a touching story.

Park Hyojoon was previously cast in Mnet's Super Star K3, where he attracted a lot of attention for being "Jiyeon Brother."


Source: http://osen.mt.co.kr/article/G1110243971
Chinese trans via zhu-er @ Tiara tieba
Eng trans by Beckhie @ TiaraDiadem

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Jiyeon must have had a really hard time!!!

Worrying to death of her father and her brother.


Seems like both Jiyeon and Borams family have had a tuff year

Hope they all get well and live happily

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As a Bone Marrow Donor myself, I know what Hyojoon faced in his decision.

Although, for me I did not know my recipient?!

I later found out it was a little one and a half year old baby girl living in California dying of a rare blood disease!!!

And I happen to be Her exact Match and Only hope in the entire World to help save Her life?!?!

Was there a choice??? 。。。。Absolutely NOT!

Thus started my life as an "Ambassador" for the Hawaii Bone Marrow Donor Registry.

As a Two Time Bone Marrow Donor myself, it is very ironic that I couldn ot help save my late Father's life who parished from Multiple Myeloma Bone Marrow Cancer just seven months before I was to become a Bone Marrow Donor for someone else!

How cruel is life sometimes???!

Had I known what My bias' ♥JIYEON was going through, I would have been more supportive with my thoughts and prayers and sent My LOVE gifts to ease Her worry?!?!

International Queens, if you ever get a chance or see a booth about a BONE MARROW DONATION REGISTRY, PLEASE SIGN UP AND REGISTER!!!

If you have Questions, you can DM me. Or contact your local State or Country Office.

Thank you in advance for your understanding!


Your fellow T-ARA♥ Fan, Supporter, Collector, Family, Chingu, & Queen from T-ARA♥House@Hawaii❗

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